Pflueger President Review


The wholly redesigned Pflueger President hits the ideal combination between affordability and reliable performance.

Although it wouldn’t be what I’d recommend to someone who’s looking to fish in saltwater, it’s still great for a budget-friendly reel.

The only reason I say that it's not suitable for saltwater fishing is that its components aren't sealed. This means that it would require a lot of maintenance if used in a saltwater environment.


The first thing you can notice about the new design of the Pflueger President is the reduction in its body weight by 10%.

And although its size is smaller, it’s still as durable as ever.

This can be attributed to its graphite body and rotor as well as an aircraft-grade aluminum handle which don't take a toll on its weight but maintain its durability.

The reel comes in 5 sizes ranging from a size 20 to a size 40 and their weights ranging from 5.9 ounces to 10.9 ounces.

Six pounds is the minimum drag power found on the PRESSP20X whereas the PRESSP40X can drag up to 12 pounds.

Bearing System

All sizes come with a 10-bearing system that uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings to provide the smoothest retrieve.

Drag System

Moreover, the stainless steel, oil-felt drag is corrosion-resistant and provides you with consistent drag pressure.

I was quite impressed with the micro increments on the drag, which can easily be adjusted to provide you with precise changes.


The ported braid-ready spool is made from solid aluminum. It easily lets the braid be tied directly to the spool using a group of vertical rubber grommets.

These grommets enable the slippery braid to grip the spool without requiring to be backed by monofilament line.

Sure Click Bail

Heavy-duty aluminum also goes into the construction of the Sure Click bail of the Pflueger President. It provides an assuring audible click to let you know the bail is open and ready to cast.

Note: If you want to extend the lifespan of your reel, make sure you close the bail with your hand after you cast.


You can be sure that your fishing trips will last long not only because this reel is lightweight but because it keeps your comfort in mind.

The soft-touch ergonomic knob makes it easier for you to grip the knob. It also uses an excellent dimpled knob design that fits well with your fingertips.

Pealing and inferior coating may be the only drawbacks to the handle of this –otherwise- great reel.


  • Great price point for the features
  • 10-bearing system
  • Lightweight design
  • Interchangeable hand retrieve
  • Amazing casting distance
  • Quality build for the price


  • May feel like a cheap reel
  • Faces some drag issues
  • Not completely sealed for saltwater
  • Not suitable for catching bigger fish

Bottom Line:

For a lightweight fishing reel, the Pflueger President does an incredible job at being smooth.

The drag system, in particular, is quite impressive with its smoothness.

For a reel in the cheap category, it’s quite fantastic. You can even throw in a couple of extra bucks to get it in a combo package.

Generally, if you're on a somewhat limited budget or if you're just starting and don't want to spend that much on your first gear, the Pflueger President is a right choice.

However, if you intend to fish in saltwater, I’d recommend steering away from it. The President is more suited for freshwater and may require intensive maintenance if used in saltwater.

When all is said and done, however, you can spend a little extra money for a more durable reel.