How To Use A Manual Ice Auger Like A Professional? [5 Main Procedure]

Manual ice augers drill by shaving through layers of ice. Each rotation forces the razor-sharp blades to slice through the ice like a scalpel.

So, let’s start with the question- How To Use A Manual Ice Auger

For starters, To drill holes, you have to use your own body strength (mainly shoulders and arms) to get the job done.  Always dry your auger blades after returning home from the ice.  Make sure you check your blades for any issues like cracking and chips before heading out. Lastly, always make sure your blades are sharp enough.

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To help you with the procedure of using a manual ice drill, we have elaborated a step-by-step detail. 

Therefore, if you want to use it as a professional, read along! 

Here are 5 Ways How To Use A Manual Ice Auger Like A Professional [5 Main Procedure]

It’s a bit confusing, isn’t it? Here are 5 Ways How To Use A Manual Ice Auger

If you’re trying to save a few bucks, you’ve definitely wondered about using a hand ice auger instead of a fuel-powered unit.

It doesn’t take long to learn how to use an ice auger, and the benefits of timely, numerous, and neat hole cutting are apparent.

To help you, we’ve explained it step by step-

Know Your Auger 

Getting prepared for ice fishing is a time-consuming, enjoyable, and technical challenge. Choose your drill before venturing out into the ice. For several, power drill ice augers are the auger of choice. Although regular manual drill ice augers are particularly useful for drilling through dense ice and drilling several holes rapidly, they are significantly lighter than power drills.

Hand drills have their own set of benefits. They need a lot of effort and could be challenging to use on the ice more than four feet thick.

They are smaller than power drill augers. They can also be used on much thinner ice than power drill augers. Both forms of augers are beneficial to have in your toolbox.

Consider if you want to get to your place in the winter. Ask any seasoned angler if they’ve found any areas that appear to freeze later than others. Until venturing out on the ice, take every practicable protection measure.

Use Your Feet

Before you begin drilling, place your feet squarely on the ground. This is critical because stable footing allows you to use the drill safely and with caution.

Drilling small snow patches into the surface of the ice for a giant, stable stance is a good idea because the snow has more traction than ice. This has two functions: as the drill cuts through the ice and plunges into the sea.

The unexpected spray would turn the snow at your feet into slush. This slushy snow may be used to protect a tent skirt or to anchor a portable ice hut. When using a power drill, you must still wear hearing and eye protection. Carry no loose clothing that might get stuck in the drill.

Don’t Force It

It’s essential to let the blades do their work, whether you’re using a power drill auger or a hand-powered auger. Excessive pressure on the blades will cause them to move more slowly.

When the blades cut through the ice and into the sea, you shouldn’t feel like you’re going to lose your balance.

Apply just enough pressure to hand drills or chipper drills to encourage the drill downward. Lazer Drills, on the other hand, do not need any downward strain.

In fact, when using a Lazer Drill, it is better to pull upward slightly as the drill cuts through the ice.

Stick to hand drills that are 8″ or less since anything more significant takes a lot of physical work. With a hand drill, smaller holes are easier to carve.

Learn To Do Proper Posture

The form is everything when drilling with a hand auger. To get the best results out of your drill, hold your feet shoulder-width apart and on firmHere are 5 Ways How To Use A Manual Ice Auger ground.

In addition, the drill’s handle should be at chest level. Your top hand should never switch from side to side and should only be used to add steady pressure to the screw as your bottom hand spins it.

To hold their back straight, many anglers would kneel when drilling.

Keep your Auger Clean

Clean the blades of your egg as a final move. Keep in mind that the ice build-up on your blades will reduce the efficiency of your eyelid when drilling several holes at a time.

Just run your boom over the ice to spin some remaining moisture to quickly clean your blades.

Place your drill on the ice instead of the snow as you put it down because it is easier for snow to freeze on your blade.

Instead of shading the egg in the light, keep the blades as warm as possible.

If a large quantity of ice builds up between uses on the blades, clear the most ice away before the egg is fired up. This will help protect you from falling pieces of ice and keep the auger functioning effectively.


Question: Are manual ice augers hard to use?

Answer: A sharp-blade manual ice auger can quickly break the ice as butter in under 10 seconds to 6-8 inches. It is substantially tougher to drill a hole in 10-18 inches thick with a hand.drill

Question: Why is my ice auger not digging?

Answer: It will adjust the angle and dull the layers to where it can not dig if you sit on the auger very hard. 

Question: How long do ice auger blades last?

Answer: It still cuts excellent after 30+ years. It cuts about 1/2″ of ice per turn of the handle. And you wind up with a 2″ x4″ cylinder of ice when the hole is made.

Take Away

Now, those are the procedures for how to use a manual ice auger like a professional. Always remember to use safety gear before using it. 

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