How To Build A Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat? [5 Main Procedure]

Rod racks have become increasingly common on catfish boats in recent years. These racks stretch around the back of the boat from port to starboard and are designed to house fishing rod holders.

To make it easier to fish when steering the port, you must place the rod holder at a 90-degree angle from the centerline.

So, let’s start with the question- How To Build A Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat

For starters, determine the size you may need for your rack according to your boat. You’ll also need all the tools you need to make this rack. Determine the number of rods you are going to keep there and make that many positions. Lastly, to secure the quality, give it a test run on the land before fixing it in your boat. 

Now, my friend, you may find this super simple, but we are just getting started- 

To help you with these procedures, we will explain every step you need to follow elaborately.

Therefore, if you want to understand the process ease, read along! 

5 Procedures To How To Build A Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat [Along with Steps]

It’s very confusing in the first place, right?? How To Build A Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat

Your woodworking abilities could be limited, but you will be pleased with the outcome, and it will look best if you create it yourself.

The specification would be fundamental and adaptable to any board size – as well as the number of rod slots. 

Let’s get started;

Plan the Sizes 

The very first part of the woodworking project is to build the sides of the fishing rod rack. To achieve a professional look, we suggest cutting the sides out of 1×6 timber. Check the slats for damage and take precise measurements.

Make the foundation of the fishing rod rack out of 2×2 timber. We suggest that you round the exposed front edge of the component to achieve a professional look.

Drill pilot holes into the frame, coordinate it with focus, and inject 2″ into the side components. Add glue to the joints to increase the bond’s rigidity.

Almost all of the dimensions can be modified at any time. For, e.g., you can use pre-existing planks that have specific odd dimensions.

So, please try to have your own figures, or refer to the given measurements and be prepared to do some additional work.


For any kind of construction task, you need the perfect tool. In this section, you will have an idea of which materials you may need.

Materials Power tools 
wood boards 

wooden screws

wood glue


boiled linseed oil


shiny fabric for the reel shelf

4 screws for mounting


Miter saw  

Circular saw

Cordless drill


 Hole saw


Dremel tool 

Now, these tools will help you with building the rack with ease. You can also choose to do it with traditional tools, but these advanced tools will surely make your building more accessible. 

Cutting Sanding and Assembling 

We have put these three options at once because, apart from gathering tools and measuring the boards, cutting them using the tools is a bit harder.

But you can easily do it but drawing the pattern you want for your rack. You can do it by drawing yourself, or you can always take the help of the internet to find the best design for your rack.

Once you have drawn the rack design, now follow the drawn lines with a jigsaw. Make sure to use a sharp, figurine-cutting sawblade.  Never neglect to use safety tools while doing this.

Sanding is one of the most crucial parts of the process. While cutting the board, the jigsaw may make some unfinished and sharp edges. Using sandpapers or sanders, these sharp edges won’t harm your hand. As well as won’t make any scratches on the rod. 

Attaching the boards using wooden screws is more efficient and better than using a metal screw. This will not only save your board, but also you can make them hide in the board. If you’re not confident with it, you can still use screws or nails.

After all these, you will need to assemble them accordingly. During this, you will need glue. If you do this for the first time, do not get disheartened by seeing it not perfect. But it will be something that you would love as it is handmade by you. 

More glue can be applied to the tips of the dowel pins and along with the corners. Put it back under pressure, and then clean away any spilled glue with a wet towel. Using a friction brace or clamp altogether.

Staining and adding Cushion

As you will be using a wooden board, it will have cracks, either naturally or at the time of working. But if you use stain, these cracks won’t be exposedHow To Build A Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat that much. Apart from these, your wooden board won’t get harmed due to rain or mist or water.

You can use any colored stain. Wood-colored stains are the classic ones for the wooden boards, but you can always choose at your heart’s pleasure. Use a piece of fabric to rub the whole rack with stain. Use a small paintbrush in the corners and around the mounting holes.

Now, if you want your rack to have a premium look, you can add a section to store your reels. But you have to be careful that the reels don’t get harmed. To ensure this, you should add a cushion in that section. 

Cut the foam into the size and lay it on top of the cotton. Make sure the cloth is large enough to cover the entire foam cushion. Using hot glue to wrap the cloth around the foam, fold the corners neatly, and secure with a drop of hot glue.


The last procedure would be to mount the rack on your boat. As you have determined the size and place to mount the rack, make mounting holes in your boat and palace the rack there.

Now mount the shiny rod rack with four screws and the help of a level. Make sure that the screw is through the board and the boat. So that the rack would mount firmly on the boat. Cover any sharp edges that can hurt you. 


Question: How do you store a fishing rod in a garage?

Answer: Fishing rods should be kept off the deck. If you store fishing rods off the ground, they are less likely to rust, mold, or be destroyed.

Question: Is it a bad idea to keep fishing rods horizontally?

Answer: When flexed, older fiberglass rods will take a collection if kept for an extended period. Improperly supporting a horizontally stored rod will also result in this.

Question: Is it okay to leave fishing rods outside? 

Answer: Fishing poles should be kept in the garage if they are dry, out of direct sunshine, and not subjected to intense cold or humidity.

Final Words

Now, these wear the procedure you may need to follow to build a fishing rod rack for your boat. But always remember, you can choose metal over wood to do this. Wooden boards are the classic ones to do this, and a metal rack would be more durable depending on the usage and quality. 

Share your opinions and thoughts with us by leaving a comment. Good luck building your own Rod Rack For A Catfish Boat!!