How to rig with Chicken Rig for bass fishing and how to fish it

The chicken rig is a quick and easy bottom rig to tie that is unlike any other finesse rig. Gary Yamamoto created the great chicken rig, which he used to win several tournaments. 

This rig allows you to present your bait vertically in the water column, ideal for schooling fish suspended near the bottom.

However, if you are interested and don’t know how to use it because you are a beginner, then you will learn how to rig it and catch bass using this rig.

The components

1. Rod

Spinning rod and spinning reel with moderate strength and finesse will provide you with the right combination of strength and finesse to get the most out of the chicken rig.

2. Line

If you decide to use a braided line, we advise you not to use this line because braided lines do not blend in with the water and 16 or 20-pound fluorocarbon lines. So, for this job, use a fluorocarbon line

3. Hook How to fishing with this chicken rig

The right hook is critical to your success, but the wrong hook can appear unnatural to the fish. The best results will be achieved using a 4/0 or 5/0 straight shank worm hook for 4- to 7-inch worms.

4. Weight

Setting the weight to the bottom of the rig is required because the rig will float on the top surface of the water if it is not weighted. Because the weight acts like a sinker, selecting the correct weight is critical to your success when fishing with the chicken rig. You can use drywall screws to do the job.

5. Plastic worm

The Kut Tail worm comes in various sizes, ranging from four to seven and three-fourths inches, and is known for its innovative tail design, which is sure to fool even the most cunning fish. For this rig, you’ll need a 7.75-inch Kut Tail worm.

How to set up a chicken rig with the hook

Setting up the process is very simple here. We are going to tell it now, read it and try it according to the way.

1. Set the weight

If you use a drywall screw, insert the screw with a standard screwdriver. But if you arranged a particular weight designed for a plastic worm, insert it by pushing your finger. This weight will assist in keeping the worm upright and enticing the fish.

2. Insert the hook in the right way

To hook, choose a point about two-thirds of the way down the worm. Insert the hook through the worm, and after the first hook is all the way through, insert the second hook. Insert the hook again through the plastic until it pokes from the other side of the worm.

How to fishing with this chicken rig 

Most people believe that this chicken rig is only used for bass fishing, but it can catch any larger, bottom-dwelling fish. On the other hand, the fishing technique is a little more different from the other type, and You can guarantee your results if you learn the correct techniques.

1. Throw the worm and let it sink

Cast the chicken rig and wait for it to sink completely. It’s best if you choose a covered area, such as bridge pilings or under docks.

2. Pull back the worm a little bit

The fish usually bite while the worm moves, so it pulled back the worm a bit and dropped again.  This method helps to attract fish, and when you do not find any bite from the fish, cast it out again and follow the method until the result is found.

3. Pull the rod after feeling the bite

When you feel the bite pull the rod in moderate strength and collect your result, this all process will not be done by you the first time but practice it again and again because success will wait for you.

Advantages of Chicken Rig fish

There are some advantages that you can find from this rig, and they are all logical. See the advantages that will make you more interested in Chicken Rig fish.

1. Better to collect live wormHow to set up a chicken rig with the hook

Most anglers use live worms for bass fishing, and they need to collect them from the contaminated soil, which is the opposite of hygiene. But this plastic worm initially looks like a real worm to the fish when you pull them to move. So You don’t have to need waste time collecting the live worm. 

2. Better than live worm

Some time live worms fall from the hook when are you pull them to attract fish. But Plastic worm is made of dense plastic, and for this, when you set the hook with the plastic worm, it is hardly attached to the hook.

3. Durability

For plastic, its durability is much better than others, and for solidity, bass with another fish can not scratch and broke the worm. You can stay worry ness about the durability because it will serve long-lasting.

Some Important FAQ

Here we listed some questions with their suitable answer and answers that are very important to understand the discussion above. Go through it; we hope it might be of great help.

  • What is the best rig for bass fishing?

Ned Rig, Shaky Head when the bite gets tough, Jig and Pig rig, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig are five bass rigs that are versatile and will keep the fish interested.

  • What is a chicken rig for fishing?

The chicken rig is a simple bottom rig to tie. The rig is made up of several hooks, with your lead at the bottom. It allows you to present your bait vertically in the water column, ideal for schooling fish near the bottom.

  • Do you need a sinker for bass fishing?

The weight is frequently determined by the depth to which you want to fish or the density of the cover you must penetrate.

  • What is the best time to fish for bass?

Early morning or later in the evening, when the sun isn’t too bright, are the best times of day for bass fishing. If the weather is cloudy or the water is muddy, bass will bite in the middle of the day.

  • What is the best color line for bass fishing?

The green line, like camouflage, blends in with its surroundings and is a good choice for anglers who want to keep their line hidden from fish.

  • What water are temp bass most active?

Bass spawn in water temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a 25-degree temperature range.

Final Word

Fish are curious creatures, and as a result of their curiosity, they will be inspired to try something new. On the other hand, fish are incapable of destroying the worm once hooked, so you will not lose a worm every time you get a bite. The chicken rig is a fantastic weedless setup that adds to the excitement.