Best Underwater Fishing Lights in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t like fishing under the sun or if you have a day job and your only free time is at night, don’t worry because you can still fish at night and get a lot of catches with the help of underwater fishing lights. 

Such devices attract tiny fish that act like baits, and thus you can rest assured that a large number of big fish will come towards the light source. In other words, buying underwater fishing lights is budget-friendly because you won’t need to pay to buy baits.  

Another advantage of night fishing is that there is less competition then. The only baits in the area will be yours, allowing you to catch as many fish as you want. 

There are tons of excellent options on the market, each with different numbers of LEDs or lumen count. In this article, you will be introduced to the best underwater fishing lights and the factors that should be on your checklist.

Comparison Table:

Fishing Lights

Weight  Colors  Volts 


Fire Water Marine MAXX LED

3 lbs. Green  12 


Amarine Made 1000

0.8 lbs. Green  12 1000


1.1 lbs. Green, Red, Violet, Blue, White 12 1080

Green Blob Outdoors 15000

1.9 lbs. Green, Blue, White  12 7500

Lightingsky Submersible

0.9 lbs. Green, Blue , White  12 1080

Linkstyle Night Fishing Finder 

0.75 lbs. Green, Blue White  12 1000

The 6 Best Underwater Fishing Lights in 2021

1. Fire Water Marine MAXX LED – Maximum Lumen Count 

Fire Water Marine MAXX LED features the maximum Lumen count, where a lumen measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. This means that this model emits the highest brightness compared to its counterparts on this list, attracting fish from distant areas.  

It’s also energy-efficient, because its 300 5630-LED lights consume 50 watts of power only, and their battery life lasts for 50,000 hours of continuous use. 

Like most underwater fishing lights, Fire Water Marine MAXX LED is useful for boats, docks and piers. But what’s distinctive about it is that it can be used in ice and saltwater thanks to its saltwater-resistant sealant. 

When you easily drop it underwater using the included 15-foot power cord, it will emit green light, attracting a lot of fish. 

If there’s anything we would want to improve about Fire Water Marine MAXX LED, it would be its plastic housing. Using a heavier grade would be better to prevent it from bending or flexing under high water pressure. It’s also the heaviest on the list, weighing 3 pounds. 


  • Can be used in ice
  • Its bright light attracts fish from distant areas
  • Energy-efficient
  • Comes with a 15-foot power cord


  • Plastic housing could be improved
  • Heavy 

Bottom Line 

Fire Water Marine MAXX LED is one of the best underwater fishing lights for its high brightness, affordable price and ability to be used in ice as well as saltwater.

2. Amarine Made 1000 – Great All-Around Light

Amarine Made 1000

If your boat has a lighter and you don’t want to carry a battery wherever you go fishing, the Amarine Made 1000 is the one for you. It’s also great for many purposes besides fishing like when you are camping or whenever you need emergency lighting. 

Moreover, you can store it with ease in small places, given that it is only 7-inch long. It’s also quite durable thanks to its heavy-duty construction. Thanks to its green and white colors, it attracts all types of fish from all directions. 

The best thing is that even though this IP8 light comes with a 20-foot cable, which can be used in various situations and runs on household current, it is still very affordable. You can also use it for 50,000 hours on a single charge. 

Have I mentioned that this compact flat-base fishing light with a small through-hole can be mounted on the boat or dropped in the water? Well, it can. Moreover, you needn’t worry about exposure to leakage thanks to its one sealed end. 

In addition, Amarine Made 1000 features a six-sided light module with 360 view and 180 SMD LED units that put out 1000 lumens on 0.8 amperes only, making it very energy-efficient.


  • Affordable 
  • Can be boat-mounted or dropped on water 
  • Energy-efficient,
  • Reduced leakage probability 
  • 20-foot cable 
  • IP8 rating 


  • Might leak after repeated fixing motions of the cable 

Bottom Line

Amarine Made 1000 should be your go-to if you’re looking for an underwater fishing light that you can also use above water in case of emergencies. It’s also very energy-efficient and lasts for 50,000 hours on a single charge. 

3. SAMDO IP68 – Best Value 


SAMDO IP68 is the best underwater fishing light at its price range for a sum of reasons. For example, it comes in multiple colors, including purple, green, yellow, red, blue and white. 

All these colors enable SAMDO IP68 to be used in various environments. To illustrate, you can use it for night cover net, sea fishing, cage and small fishing nets. You can also use it in fish ponds to lure the small fish that act as baits for large ones. 

Plus, it’s designed to be used in freshwater and saltwater. I recommend you use the blue light whenever fishing in saltwater because it doesn’t attract bait fish in freshwater. 

What’s more, it has the most extended lifespan, given that it can last for 100,000 hours of continuous use after a single charge with a 12-volt battery. It also comes with clamps to which you can attach the battery. 

SAMDO IP68 features a five-sided 180 SMD LED fishing light with 360-degree illumination. It’s also energy-efficient since it draws 0.9 amperes and produces 1080 lumens. 

If you don’t want to use it underwater, you can use it as a dock light because it reduces the minimal amount of heat. 

Sadly, the entry point of the cable into the upper housing seal needs better sealing because it undergoes a lot of flexing. However, this is hardly a drawback because it comes at a very decent price point. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple colors 
  • Can be used as a dock light
  • Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater
  • 1000,000 hours of continuous use 


  • Housing needs better sealing 
  • Relatively-heavy 

Bottom Line 

With SAMDO IP68, you will have many colors at hand at a very decent price point. You’ll also enjoy 1000,000 hours per charge.

4. Green Blob Outdoors 15000 – Premium Pick 

Green Blob Outdoors 15000

With Green Blob Outdoors 15000, you can catch large predatory fish without exerting much effort. You don’t even need any kind of weight to lower it as it’s self-weighted, and comes with a 30-feet long power cord. This way, you can drop it without any hassle. 

Generating 7500 lumens means that it emits very bright light -in green, blue and white- that helps attract snook, tarpon, redfish, crappie and other kinds too. Moreover, it’s designed to be used in saltwater and freshwater alike because of its 24 – 7 IP68 rating. 

What’s more, it needs a 12-volt battery to charge and lasts around 50,000 hours on a single charge. You can also use it out of the water as a flashlight with no worries of overheating. 

Sadly, Green Blob Outdoors 15000 is the most expensive underwater light on our list. It’s also relatively-heavy, coming at 1.9 pounds. 


  • Compact with a 16-inch length 
  • Can be used in saltwater and freshwater 
  • Very bright 
  • Self-weighted
  • Lasts around 50,000 hours/charge 


  • Expensive 
  • Relatively heavy 

Bottom Line

Green Blob Outdoors 15000 is a nice option for anyone looking for an underwater fishing light that can be used in freshwater and saltwater and attracts all kinds of fish. The only drawback is its high price, though. 

5. Lightingsky Submersible – Best For Small Fish 

Lightingsky Submersible

If you’re looking for an underwater light to attract small fish at a very reasonable price, the 12-volt Lightingsky Submersible should be your go-to. 

It features a 360-degree view thanks to its five-sided 180 SMD LED lights with 1080 lumens brightness, which is the average lumen count. Besides, you can use it for 50,000 hours non-stop per single charge, making it energy-efficient. 

Plus, it comes with a sixteen-foot cord so that you can lower into the water. However, unlike Green Blob Outdoors 15000, you must tie a weight to it to drop it about 98 feet into the water if you wish to catch big fish. 

Moreover, you can use it to attract various species of fish thanks to the fact that it comes in green, blue and white colors. The green color usually attracts squid, the blue is used for catching krill and phytoplankton, and the white color is excellent for general purpose fishing. 


  • Pretty bright 
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lasts for 50,000 hours
  • Emits three colors 
  • Affordable 


  • Not suitable for catching big fish 

Bottom Line 

Lightingsky Submersible is an excellent budget-friendly option for catching small fish. It’s also pretty versatile, given that it comes in green, blue and white colors. 

6. Linkstyle Night Fishing Finder  – Most Lightweight 

Linkstyle Night Fishing Finder

Weighing 0.7 pounds, Linkstyle Night Fishing Finder is the most lightweight option on our list. 

It’s also pretty versatile, for you can use it in saltwater and freshwater. Moreover, you can easily store it in small places or take it on small boats and kayaks as it is only 7.9 inches long. 

Plus, similar to Green Blob Outdoors 15000, it comes with a built-in weight, and thus you don’t need any added weight to get it deep down into the water. It also comes with a 19-foot power cord. 

This eight-sided LED fishing light enjoys a 360-degree view and has 120 SMD LED lights that put out 1000 lumens. Like most of the above options, it’s also energy-efficient since it consumes 10.5 watts only and runs for 50,000 hours. 

What’s more, it comes in green, blue and white colors, expanding the species of fish you can catch. For example, the green light is better at attracting squids, where krill and phytoplankton are more attracted to the blue light, and the white light is suitable for all-purpose fishing. 


  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Very lightweight 
  • Compact 
  • Lasts for 50.000 hours 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in green, blue and white colors 


  • Might leak 
  • Overheats a bit 

Bottom Line 

Linkstyle Night Fishing Finder is an excellent option for anyone looking for a light and compact underwater fishing light. It’s also suitable for small boats and kayaks because it’s very compact. You’ll also love its brightness and three colors.

How to Pick the Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Underwater fishing lights are an excellent tool for night-fishing enthusiasts. They don’t only light up the area around you, but also attract the baits and consequently, the big fish you want to catch. This means that you can save the money you would otherwise pay for buying bait. However, to choose the best option, there are a few factors that you have to consider, including the ones below.  


Underwater fishing lights, like any object in direct contact with water, will get destroyed unless they’re covered with any waterproof layer. Lights that meet IP67 or IP68 requirements are the most durable, so don’t settle for less. 


Make sure that you choose a fishing light that fits your boat’s weight. Otherwise, heavy lights may pull the boat down, causing unnecessary and easily-avoidable problems. Plus, lightweight lights with compact design can be carried easily, so that you can fish with no fatigue.  

Lumen and Brightness

The number of lumens determines how vivid the light is. To know the count of lumen a particular brand of light offers, you have no other option but to rely on the figure of lumen provided by the manufacturer. Note that it’s directly proportional to the brightness level as well. Stay away from any lights with a lumen count below 1000. 


Lights of different colors attract different fish species. For this reason, you should know the species you want to catch before buying underwater fishing lights. If you don’t know the type of fish you want to catch yet, the green color is the safest option because plankton swim towards it to reproduce. It also attracts baitfish, which in turn draws larger fish to the same spot.  

The white color is the second best one because it gets quickly absorbed and therefore doesn’t reach very deep down. As for blue, it is only effective if used in saltwater because it rarely attracts bait fish in freshwater.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I Buy Underwater Fishing Lights? 

They serve to attract microscopic creatures that other big fish love to eat. This means that they attract the baits as well as the fish you want to catch, saving you the money you would otherwise pay for buying the bait. 

Must I Clean the Underwater Fishing Lights? 

Some brands require cleaning, while others are self-cleansing. You should check that before buying the lights. 

Can I Change The Bulbs? 

Yes, you can if you find that they are not bright enough. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you now find it easier to choose an underwater fishing light than when you first started reading this article. If you’re still not sure which one to pick from the above best underwater fishing lights, allow us to help you a bit more.

Fire Water Marine MAXX LED is the brightest option on our list as it has the maximum lumen count of 10,000. Moreover, it’s the best one to go for if you want to fish in ice and saltwater thanks to its saltwater-resistant sealant.

In case you want one that can be used for other purposes besides underwater light, go for Amarine Made 1000. You can use it as a dock light, emergency light, or while you’re camping. What’s more, you can mount it on the boat or drop it in the water.  

If you need an underwater fishing light with multiple colors, you have no other option than the affordable SAMDO IP68. It allows you to choose between purple, green, yellow, red, blue and white. It’s also an excellent choice as a dock light because it doesn’t produce much heat. Plus, it features the longest life span as you can use it for 100,000 hours/charge.

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