Best Rain Gear for Fishing in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

It’s always that sunny day with a bluebird sky when we sketch out a perfect fishing trip. Yet, this much-awaited day comes only to find that the sky is pouring down with rain; quite a shame indeed. You may even call the trip off on a whim. But there’s a catch, literally!

Rain usually means that your catch is closer to the surface, and it also means that your line will remain in disguise in the water. The more the rain is, the more likely you’re securing a catch.

You can’t change lousy weather, but you can definitely cope with it. For this, you’ll need different gear from usual. A rainy day is a good day for a fruitful fishing session only if you have the right attire for fishing.

We’ve covered it all for you, from tip to toe. In this definitive guide, I’ll walk you through the best rain gear for fishing so that you can remain dry and focus on enjoying your angling experience.

Best Rain Gear for Fishing at a Glance:

  • FROGG TOGGS Classic All-Sport – Best Overall
  • SWISSWELL Rain Suit – Runner Up
  • Coleman Rain Suit – Best Durability
  • WindRider Pro – Best Rain Jacket
  • FROGG TOGGS Tekk Toad – Best Rain Jacket for Fly Fishing
  • FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pilot II Guide Bib – Best Bib Pants
  • VIKING Journeyman Bib Pants – Best Budget Bib Pants
  • Glacier Glove Ice Bay – Best Gloves
  • Rugged Shark – Best Waterproof Boots

The 9 Best Pieces of Rain Gear for Fishing

1. FROGG TOGGS Classic All-Sport – Best Overall

FROGG TOGGS Classic All Sport

All the persistent rain will go down the drain with the FROGG TOGGS Classic All-Sport.

This rain suit from FROGG TOGGS is made from polypropylene, which incorporates a refined blend of nonwoven fabrics to maximize comfort and breathability. The nonwoven fabrics account for this rain suit’s lightweightness, whereas the polypropylene makes it waterproof and windproof.

This rain suit’s materials allow rain to slide off the surface smoothly and prevents water seepage or wetness. The jacket also features a detachable hood in case you want to put on a different cap.

What really caught my attention is that the jacket comes with an adjustable waist for a perfect fit that won’t hinder your movement. Lengthways, we find a zipper covered by a snap-down storm flap. So, rain will never get the chance to seep through.

You probably don’t want to tread on the leg openings as you walk. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps below, the pants allow for an adjustable fit at the ankles so that the leg openings would land on your boots. The pants also have an elastic waistband for more comfort.

On top of that, this rain suit comes in a variety of colors at an affordable price. Yet, some customers report that the suit runs a little large. However, this is a relative issue, and you’re good to order your usual size.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable fit at the waist and ankles
  • Reputable brand


  • May run a bit large

Bottom Line

With such good quality at a low price, the FROGG TOGGS All-Sport is a compelling piece of rain gear that has all that urges you to buy. This rain suit compliments you every time you cast the line without movement restrictions.

2. SWISSWELL Rain Suit – Runner Up


The SWISSWELL Rain Suit makes breathability and protection intuitive on a stormy fishing day.

The jacket is crafted from a polyester construction with a PU coating, PU being the laminate that makes the material waterproof. The jacket features a warm collar, waterproof zippers, and elastic Velcro cuffs. Additionally, you can also roll up the hood and store it inside the soft brushed collar when not needed.

Wearing a rain suit may let your body heat up from insulation. Thanks to the high-quality mesh lining, this rain suit allows for proper ventilation as well. The mesh construction also makes it lightweight and packable.

Regarding the pants, they’re made of nylon fabrics. They feature 2 waterproof and zippered pockets where you can keep your phone, keys, and other valuables. The waistband is adjustable to your liking, and the leg opening features a hook-and-loop mechanism so you can fasten it to your ankles to prevent water seepage.

Though perfect, we wished the jacket would feature a storm flap covering the zippers. No matter how waterproof the zippers are, rain is more likely to seep through at some point.


  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Drawcord-adjustable hood
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Hook & loop leg opening


  • No storm flap to cover the zippers

Bottom Line

SWISSWELL boasts about its waterproof technology and PU coating. This rain suit is easy to fish while wearing as it offers you a rare blend of insulation and breathability on a rainy day.

3. Coleman Rain Suit – Best Durability

Coleman Rain Suit

Coleman presents a role model of sturdiness with its rain suit.

This durable rain suit is made from PVC/Nylon fabric. The PVC material is responsible for the waterproof feature. Combined with heat-welded seams and a storm flap covering the zippers, this rain suit is an impenetrable fortress.

Coleman didn’t compromise on breathability since this rain suit features front and back vents for air to flow freely despite the strict insulation. You can adjust the hood by a designated drawcord. Moreover, the jacket features a high collar to shield your neck from frosty wind currents.

The pants feature a drawstring-adjustable waist for a free and snug fit and articulated knees to avoid movement restrictions. This suit’s cuffs are hook-and-loop adjustable, whereas the cuffs to the ankle are fastened by a drawstring paracord.

The best perk in this rain suit is the slit pockets that make it possible to reach the pant’s pocket without taking off the jacket.

Some customers may find this rain suit a bit large. You’re free to count this as a blessing or a curse since some fishermen tend to wear extra layers of clothes underneath the rain suit.


  • Durable
  • Heat-welded seams for extra insulation
  • Storm flap for zippers
  • Easy pocket access


  • May run a bit large

Bottom Line

The Coleman Rain Suit is an example of peak durability. With the carefully fastened seams for insulation, articulated knees for movement, and front/back vents for breathability, this rain suit is a competent piece of gear to every angler wishing for a relentless fishing session on a rainy day.

4. WindRider Pro – Best Rain Jacket

WindRider Pro

How could we get away with not including jackets? Whether you’re aiming for tuna or erratic pike, the WindRider Pro has got you if the weather isn’t on your side!

The outer shell of the WindRider Pro is entirely waterproof. It has vents along the back to allow for ventilation in case your body heats up. It’s put together by fully taped seams for added insulation, and it has double storm flaps covering the zippers.

This jacket features a fleece-lined high collar, which is windproof. The roll-away hood in this jacket is a masterpiece since it involves a rain-stopping bill to shield your face from the pelting cold rain. To prevent water from running down your sleeves, this jacket is reinforced with inner cuffs.

Pockets in this jacket are an embarrassment of riches. At first glance, you notice 2 fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm. Then, you get 2 zippered chest pockets for relatively big cellphones and 1 internal pocket for wallets or keys.

The only downside to this jacket is the high price. Yet, if you have enough cash for this state-of-art rain jacket, you won’t regret buying it.


  • Fleece-lined high collar
  • Hood w/ a bill to stop the rain
  • Plenty of storage


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Though pricey, the WindRider Pro is worth every penny if you consider the advantages you get. With taped seams and a mostly fleece-lined construction, this foul weather jacket is designed to conquer the blustery wind on rainy days no matter how strong it’s blowing.

5. FROGG TOGGS Tekk Toad – Best Rain Jacket for Fly Fishing


FROGG TOGGS crafted this breathable jacket for our stealthy fly fishermen who struggle both against trouts and rough weather.

The FROGG TOGGS Tekk Toad is the type of jacket that fly fishermen would typically refer to as a “wading jacket.” Made from polypropylene, this wading jacket is completely waterproof.

FROGG TOGGS uses its proprietary Dripore 2 Gen technology, which involves the use of fully sealed seams to cut down moisture to the bare minimum. Both the sleeve openings and the waistband are adjustable for a customized fit. The jacket also features a drawcord-adjustable storm hood large enough to wear over a cap. Additionally, the zippers are protected by a storm flap and a rain gutter.

The key feature of this jacket is the breathability. To achieve breathability and insulation at the same time, FROGG TOGGS molded this jacket’s middle layer with a breathable film that allows for proper ventilation while protecting the fabric from soaking up water.

The second key feature is the ample storage capacity. The jacket comes with an expandable fly box pocket to keep your flies within reach along with handwarmer pockets to give your hands a tad of warmth.

This wading jacket would be infallible if the storm hood had a designated pocket to roll up to. 


  • Trusted brand
  • Breathable
  • Storm flap and rain gutter for zippers
  • Expandable fly-box pocket


  • No pocket for the hood

Bottom Line

Designed for avid fly fishers, The FROGG TOGGS Tekk Toad doesn’t compromise on the maneuverability necessary for chasing angry trouts. It still provides you with a huge deal of insulation and breathability, all while having your flies ready to be drawn at will.

6. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pilot II Guide Bib – Best Bib Overalls

FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pilot II Guide Bib

FROGG TOGG invades our list as the manufacturer of both our best rain suit and bib overalls.

These overalls are made from polyester, making them lightweight and easy to store. You can shove these in your bag and put them on when needed. The 3-layer outer shell is coated with a waterproof material proprietary to FROGG TOGGS. For maximum insulation, the seams are carefully sealed to prevent water from seeping through the stitches. FROGG TOGGS’ nonwoven fabrics are famous for being waterproof, breathable, and windproof.

You should be aware that bib overalls are bound to restrict your movement since they’re designed to be a bit large, so you can add up as many layers as you wish. However, these overalls feature adjustable Velcro straps for a customized fit. And for an easy on and off, they feature D-rings and zip-to-knee side zips.

The chest houses 2 zippered pockets, whereas, on the side, you get an expandable cargo pocket for more storage for fishing tackle.

The only drawback to these overalls is that they carry a hefty price tag compared to other bib overalls on the market.


  • Trusted brand
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 3 pockets for ample storage


  • Expensive compared to other bib overalls

Bottom Line

Ample storage, insulation, and breathability: that’s the triangle of love in the FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pilot II Guide Bib Overalls. With these bibbed pants, you’ll stay warm and dry with room for storing tackle and adding more layers of clothes underneath.

7. VIKING Journeyman Bib Pants – Best Budget Bib Pants

VIKING Journeyman Bib Pants

Looking for affordable waterproof overalls with a detachable bib? The Viking Journeyman Bib Pants are here to assist you on a rainy day!

These bib pants are made out of a heavy-duty 420D nylon fabric, which is waterproof. Additionally, they feature a full mesh lining and vents for breathability. Together with a storm flap and a fleece collar, these bib pants will protect you from elements on a showery day.

You can detach the bib and wear the lined pants separately if you wish. These overalls also feature zippered cuffs with which you can tuck your boots inside the leg openings then zip it closed for extra insulation.

Unlike our best bib overalls, these bibs house no pockets. But the VIKING Journeyman Bib Pants excel at the lower price tag.


  • Affordable
  • Detachable bib
  • Zippered cuffs


  • No pockets

Bottom Line

The VIKING Journeyman Bib Pants’ magic lies in their simplicity and affordability. At a lower price tag, you get waterproof bibbed pants with detachable bibs and fully lined pants, which is a great deal indeed.

8. Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves – Best Gloves

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves

Every angler knows the agony of wet hands. To say the least, you’ll lose your firm grip on fishing rods and tackle. That’s where the Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves comes into play.

This waterproof pair of gloves is made of 90% neoprene and 10% polyester. The seamless palm design, together with the sharkskin textured neoprene, provides the dexterity needed for dealing with either fishing tackle or holding onto angry fish.

The good news is that the inside is lined with fleece, guaranteeing warmth no matter how rainy or cold it gets. These gloves also feature an extended wrist that you can fasten to your rain suit or jacket’s cuffs for more insulation. This pair is carefully blind-stitched and glued, meaning it’ll stay in one piece and withstand getting soaked up.

Some anglers have reported difficulties in finding their size. However, Glacier Glove always includes a size chart alongside their products. Be sure to check it before you opt for purchasing.


  • Fleece-lined neoprene for dexterity
  • Sharkskin textured for a firm grip
  • Extended wrist for protection


  • May run a little large

Bottom Line

The Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves are thoughtfully designed to keep your digits warm and dry. With fleece-lined neoprene, this waterproof pair will never soak up water even if it gets submerged.

9. Rugged Shark – Best Waterproof Boots

Rugged Shark

We promised we would ready you up from tip to toe. Here we finalize our list with the Rugged Shark Boots. We’re totally aware that wet socks feel dreadful even if they treat a common cold!

The Rugged Shark Boots does the job of keeping your feet dry and warm since they’re made from 100% rubber. The pair’s rubber construction allows for water to slide off the surface without having the chance to seep inside. The boots’ top is also tapered to block any water seepage.

They accommodate a removable padded footbed to guarantee that your feet lie comfortably inside. Rugged Shark boasts about its slip-resistant rubber soles that allow you to tread softly on slick objects or climb ladders without leaving scuffs.

The only problem we’ve stumbled upon is the size. Some users confirm that they don’t fit true to size and may run a little small. However, Rugged Shark suggests opting for a size up if you’re reluctant about what size you should order. 


  • Removable padded footbed
  • Flexible
  • Slip-resistant soles


  • May run a little small

Bottom Line

If you spring a leak, we’ll replace your boots for free!” That’s how Rugged Shark boasted about its pair of boots. Unless you want to encounter a puddle after another on your way to your fishing spot, the Rugged Shark Boots are here to enhance your fishing experience in foul weather.

What to Look for When Buying Rain Gear for Fishing

After a list rich with the best rain gear for fishing, the variety of products might leave you uncertain about what you should eventually buy. Before opting for your purchase, we thought you should first acquire some taste, especially if you’re new to the scene of rain gear.

Follow me through these concise key factors, and I’ll show you how to pick the right gear for you:


Since you’re surely here for waterproof products, listing “waterproof” as a pro in any of these products would sound trivial. 

Generally, waterproof garments do a good job of keeping both water and moisture out. However, there’s a persistent conundrum that arises regarding waterproofness: is this gear breathable? 

Breathability simply means that the garment is able to transfer the sweat vapor from the inner shell to the outer one, even if you’re sweating bullets.

Waterproofness and insulation are pretty much synonymous. Yet, low-quality rain gear may lack the breathable fabrics that prevent your body from overheating due to insulation. And don’t you worry; all of the reviewed products above feature breathable fabrics that allow for air renewal.

Typically, the full mesh lining in air gear acts like vents that reduce moisture and maintains the flow of air, all while not interfering with insulation.

We see that breathability is the super important factor that you must take into account because your body uncontrollably heating up is adequate to spoil all your fishing plans.

Taped Seams

Seams are the stitches that render your garment a one, durable and continuous piece. When it comes to rain gear, seams used in regular clothes won’t make it for one hour on a rainy day.

Rain gear with faulty construction is more likely to unravel at the seams, breaking your sole line of defense from volatile weather. Waterproofness, hands down, requires taped seams. There are some manufacturers that resort to glue for seam taping, which is common for gloves, not for rain suits or jackets.

On the other hand, rain gear with taped seams guarantees you unprecedented waterproofness. Taped seams are put together by a machine melting tape along the seam lines to conceal and seal them irrevocably. 

Seam taping is so paramount that some manufacturers took it one step further by molding their gear using heat-welded seams or ultrasonic welding. However, I’d recommend sticking to the good old taped seams and saving the extra cash for a car ride to your fishing spot.


Zippers here can both be your ally and your enemy. Let me elaborate. 

To matter the garment, mainstream zippers always tend to self-lubricate the more you use them, thus allowing for water seepage at some point. If water makes its way through zippers, it will render the point of wearing rain gear useless. However, they’re still a must to achieve full isolation.

In this case, you’d want your next rain gear to have storm flaps covering the zippers. There are even some featuring rain gutters so that water wouldn’t have the chance of coming in contact with the zippers area.

You can also look for rubberized or coated zippers, but they come at a price. We deem them as a dealbreaker since they’re hard to zip and more susceptible to wear-and-tear. 

I’d suggest the classic combo of normal zippers with either storm flap or rain gutters.

Packability and Comfort

It’s either you wanting to fish on a rainy day or packing rain gear with you in case the sky sends hints for a downpour.

Either way, you don’t want to see yourself struggling with shoving a bulky piece of clothes in your backpack. Our top picks are naturally lightweight and shouldn’t add up considerable weight to what you’re already carrying. High-quality rain gear is typically made of either polyester or nylon fabrics to ensure that they tick off all the boxes.

As for comfort, we made sure that our top picks allow for a wide range of motion. Perks like neoprene cuffs, elastic leg openings, drawstring-adjustable hoods, and fleece-lined collars all play an important role in finding a customized fit so that you won’t feel restricted.

Final Words

From rain suits, bibs, and jackets to gloves and boots, we’ve covered the best rain gear for fishing all for our seasoned outdoorsmen! For a day when the weather isn’t kind to you, you don’t have to be cruel too. Just arm yourself with the proper attire and nail that cast.

I’d recommend the FROGG TOGGS Classic Al-Sport for any fisher pursuing their airborne adventure in volatile weather. This full rain suit combines both quality and affordability with no compromises. 

The SWISSWELL Rain Suit being the runner up doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth buying. It’s as capable as our best overall, but it doesn’t have storm flaps for zippers. However, it still features the precious PU coating that prevents water from making contact with polyester.

As for our precious pair of boots and gloves, they’re really worth pushing the buy button for. Some outdoorsmen don’t mind getting their hands wet. However, if you crave full protection from rain, they will never let you down!

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