Best Kayak Fishing Accessories in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If a kayak fishing trip is ever enjoyable or productive, it is because it has the right accessories on board. From having storage for your valuables or food to organizing your fishing equipment, accessories can make or break your kayak fishing experience.

It is not easy to find an accessory that is practical, durable, light, yet big enough to make a difference. However, it is worth trying to make the most out of your trip.

So, without further ado, let’s review the best kayak fishing accessories.

Top Picks:


Accessory Type Weight One Reason to Get It
Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag Dry bag 1 to 1.2 lbs.

Different sizes and colors

Stohlquist Fisherman PFD

PFD 16 lbs. Additional storage

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

Fishfinder 3.5 oz.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Grizzly 20-Quart Cooler


16 lbs.

Ice actually lasts for days

KastKing Folding Landing Net

Net 1.4 lbs.

Heavy-duty yet lightweight

Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder

Rod holder 1.8 lbs. Fully adjustable

Kastking Cutthroat 7″ Pliers

Pliers 9.3 oz. Sharp yet light and affordable

The 7 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories in 2021

1. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag – Best Dry Bag 

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

A dry bag is a necessity when kayak fishing; no questions asked. Nobody wants their personal items like clothes, electronics, food, and additional equipment to get wet. So, dry bags are the perfect on-kayak storage, and you can use them for hiking, camping, or traveling.

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag offers durability, versatility, and practicality at an affordable price.

Since it is made of 500D PVC, a replacement for metal piping that provides polyester with a coating, the Earth Pak provides waterproof protection for whatever you put inside it, and it floats if it falls in the water. 

Also, it comes with an IPX8-certified 6.5-inch waterproof phone case that allows you to use your phone while it’s sealed. 

In addition, it is highly sturdy, durable, and meant to withstand rugged use because it is thick and the thicker a dry bag, the more durable it is.

Our dry bag of choice comes in five sizes: 10, 20, 30, 50, and 55 liters. The two smaller sizes come with a single shoulder strap, while the rest come in a backpack form with double shoulder straps and a sternum strap to handle heavier weights with ease.

Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors, including both vivid and bright options and natural ones that will help you blend in with your surroundings.

If there’s one thing we would change about this bag, it would be to add double shoulder straps on the smaller sizes.


  • Affordable
  • Different size and color options
  • IPX8-certified 6.5-inch waterproof phone case
  • 500D PVC material for durability


  • Smaller sizes don’t have double shoulder straps

Bottom Line

The Earth Pak waterproof dry bag offers a lot at an unbeatable price. The variety in size and color, along with a durable waterproof build, make the Earth Pak a dependable companion in kayak fishing.

2. Stohlquist Fisherman PFD – Best PFD

Stohlquist Fisherman PFD

A personal flotation device, also known as a life vest for fishing, is a no-brainer to have whenever you’re on a watercraft. Not only do they keep you safe, but they also help you with tackle management and offer you additional storage.

The Stohlquist Fisherman PFD is here to impress with its durable construction, with a 500 Denier Cordura outer shell and a 200 Denier Oxford Liner that are weather and tear-resistant. Furthermore, it will keep you floating in the event of capsizing because it has Type III PFD with sea level buoyancy of 16 lbs. 12 oz.

One of the best features of this PFD is having dual front-mounted tool pouch pockets that have protective EVA outer shells that are very stiff and protect pocket contents with drainage. Also, it has mounting locations for tippets, retractors, nippers, and more.

Additional storage and organization, especially so close to your hands, are always appreciated when your kayak’s space usually limits you.

What about how it feels? Well, it feels comfortable and has an excellent range of motion for kayaking without any restrictions, which not every PFD can achieve. Also, it comes in different sizes: small/medium, large/x-large, and a universal plus to keep everyone.

Also, it has open sides for ventilation to prevent it from getting too hot on a sunny day.

This PFD’s disadvantage is its price because it’s not the most affordable one, but it’s definitely worth checking out.


  • Different size options
  • Comfortable
  • Pockets and holders for additional storage
  • Doesn’t get hot


  • Not the most affordable PFD

Bottom Line

The Stohlquist Fisherman PFD protects you, offers you additional storage, and keeps you comfortable.

3. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar – Best Fishfinder 

Deeper PRO Smart Sonar

Fishfinders help you make the most out of your fishing experience because you’re not clueless about fish’s whereabouts or the structures around you anymore. You can fish without them, but fishing with them makes all the difference.

Our fish finder of choice, the Deeper PRO+, is portable, accurate, and wireless.

It’s not just for seeing where the fish are. The colorful screen helps you check top water temperature, locate underwater vegetation, and discover if the bottom is hard or soft, with gravel or silt, thanks to its built-in GPS.

We love an easy-to-install fishfinder, and this is one of the easiest. You can connect it to your smartphone, whether it’s iOS or Android, through Wi-Fi in seconds with no need for cellular data.

You won’t need cables or drilling to set it up in the kayak either; all you need to do is clamp and unclamp it using the Flex Arm.

You can also attach it to a line and cast out to 330 feet to scan and create maps since it has a scanning depth of up to 260 feet. Don’t forget to utilize its different modes, such as the Onshore GPS Mode, which helps you scan hard-to-reach areas.

This fishfinder can do all of this and more while weighing only 3.5 oz and being small enough to fit at the palm of your hand.

On the other hand, you need to know that it’s expensive, so skip it for now if you’re on a tight budget.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in GPS for live mapping
  • 260 ft scanning depth and 330 ft casting range


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

The Deeper PRO+  is the best way to fish productively, thanks to its portability, accuracy, and ease of use.

4. Grizzly 20-Quart Cooler – Best Cooler 

Grizzly 20 Quart Cooler

Having a cooler on your kayak is a must if you’re on a trip that lasts for a whole day or more. Coolers keep your food, drinks, or catch cool for 24 hours and up to 10 days, depending on your cooler of choice.

The Grizzly 20-Quart cooler is a tough beast, thanks to its RotoTough rotationally-molded LLDPE plastic, which is highly durable. This hard-side cooler is so durable that it is IGBC certified, which means it can literally survive a bear attack.

Our cooler of choice knows how to keep its contents secure. It has the Bearclaw Latches, which are easy to use, interchangeable, and, more importantly, keep a secure grip on the lid.

Furthermore, it has two lock holes, two tiedown slots, a silicone rubber gasket, and molded hinges with stainless steel pins to provide unparalleled security.

This cooler, which is backed by a lifetime warranty, is portable and mobile because it has non-slip, non-marking rubber feet and molded handle.

Many coolers on the market promise an ice life of days to weeks, but very few actually live up to their claims. This cooler is pressure injected with up to 2 inches of polyurethane foam for excellent ice retention that lasts for up to a week.

It even has a plastic dry goods tray to keep your food choice at the top of the cooler to stay dry.

The Grizzly 20-Quart Cooler also comes in a wide selection of either muted or vibrant colors.

Its long ice life and 20-quart capacity come at a price, though. At 16 pounds, it is definitely on the heavier side. 


  • Lifetime warranty
  • IGBC certified
  • Long ice life
  • Different color options


  • Heavy

Bottom Line

The Grizzly 20-Quart Cooler offers maximum security possible, long ice life, portability, and a variety of colors at an affordable price.

5. KastKing Folding Landing Net – Best Net

KastKing Folding Landing Net

If you’re targeting big fish on a kayak, a landing net will significantly up your game. The best aspect about kayak fishing with a landing net is that you catch more fish, while also minimizing the risk of falling into the water and keeping yourself dry.

The KastKing Folding Landing Net is made with a patented folding design that combines industrial-strength graphite with aluminum and stainless steel for a durable yet space-efficient construction. Its handle and frame are made of high-strength aluminum for extra rigidness.

In addition, the hoop is rectangular to contain large species such as salmon, halibut, walleyes, brook trout, carp, and more. The rectangular design also helps with reading the measurements printed on the handle; it’s like having a net and a ruler.

Furthermore, the affordable net is snag-proof and fish-friendly because of its rubber coating. We also love the water-repellent nylon mesh that prevents it from absorbing water even after a long day of constant dunking.

Our landing net of choice comes in two different sizes. The smaller size has an extended length of 45” and folded length 27”, while the larger size has an extended length of 76” and folded length 33”.  

It can be folded in seconds, and it doesn’t take more space than a tennis racket, which makes carrying and storing it a bliss. The net even comes with a storage case, but the downside is that it feels very cheap and the zipper may break if you’re not careful.


  • Affordable
  • Printed measurements
  • Patented folding design
  • Water-repellent mesh


  • Low-quality storage case

Bottom Line

The affordable KastKing Folding landing net offers heavy-duty performance, yet doesn’t take much space, which qualifies it to be one of the best kayak fishing accessories.

6. Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder – Best Rod Holder 

Scotty 230 Powerlock Rod Holder

Having a rod holder on your kayak enables you to do anything hands-free. You won’t have to worry about where to place your rod when you’re launching, paddling, trolling, drifting, handling fish, or even preparing your bait.

The top-rated Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder is made with fiber-reinforced engineering grade nylon, which means that its durability and sturdiness won’t disappoint. It proves time and time again that it can withstand high speed and hard strikes.

In addition, our affordable pick has a front-locking ring to keep your rod secure no matter what and a quick-release base for when you need to act fast. Additionally, it is fully adjustable for up and down movements or a 360-degree rotation.

Besides, it comes in 3 different color options: black, gray, and white.

Like anything on the market, the Scotty #230 Powerlock rod holder has a downside: you have to buy the mounting hardware separately.  


  • Affordable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Front-locking ring
  • Different color options


  • The mounting hardware is bought separately

Bottom Line

The Scotty #230 Powerlock rod holder is a fully adjustable one that keeps your rod secure while also allowing you to retrieve it quickly.

7. Kastking Cutthroat 7″ Pliers – Best Plier

Kastking Cutthroat 7 Pliers

Pliers are an underrated fishing necessity that people forget until they desperately need them. They can be used to cut fishing lines, remove hooks, tie baits, and more. Pliers help you reduce the number of equipment you have to bring and maximize your efficiency.

The Kastking Cutthroat 7″ Pliers are made of 420 stainless steel and coated with a tough Teflon coating for extra protection. They are 46% harder than aluminum pliers and have 3 times their bending strength. Despite their sturdiness, they only weigh 9.3 ounces.

In addition, they have super-hard tungsten carbide cutters for maximum sharpness. Its side-mounted anvil cutters create easy access and superior accuracy in cutting. For a variety of options, they come in a straight nose and a split ring nose design.

We love the variety in color options for the comfortable yet secure ergonomic textured rubber handles, as well. 

Moreover, they come with their own custom molded sheath with a belt clip to keep them from wear and tear. On the other hand, the coiled lanyard will make sure the pliers don’t fall in the water.

So, what’s the downside? Despite the claim that the pliers are corrosion-resistant, they do rust with continuous use, which affects their ability to cut mono.


  • Different color and nose options
  • Made of 420 stainless steel and Teflon-coated
  • Comfortable grips
  • Comes with sheath and lanyard


  • By time, they struggle with cutting mono

Bottom Line

The Kastking Cutthroat 7″ pliers are light, sharp, comfortable, and affordable, which makes them one of the best kayak fishing accessories on the market.

How to Pick a Kayak Fishing Accessory

1. Size

Everything you’ll use while kayak fishing is restricted to your kayak’s dimensions and how much space it has for accessories.

For example, you can get the biggest fishfinder with the broadest screen, but if you don’t have space for it, you’ll definitely regret it. 

Besides, the heaviness of the fishing accessories should be considered because it may affect the kayak’s stability, or cause the kayak to capsize.

2. Durability

Kayak fishing puts you at the mercy of many conditions that may wreak havoc on your fishing equipment if it’s not strong enough. Any accessory that breaks or bends at the first sign of pressure is a liability, not an accessory.

Look for accessories made of durable materials, or those built with military standards because they are more likely to be dependable when things go wrong.

3. Water Resistance

Kayak fishing puts you and your fishing equipment in the face of moisture and wetness more often than you think.  Whether it’s a potential capsize or a sudden attack from nature’s elements, you should always be prepared since you don’t really know what to expect.

Waterproof dry bags, lights, rod holders, and fish finders can come a long way when you’re on a body of water.

4. Ease of Use and Installation

Ease of use and installation is essential because it’s all fun and games until you can’t use, read, or install your equipment in the middle of the water. 

Since kayak fishing is simple, you expect the same from your accessories. Besides, do you really want to have to move around the limited space of your kayak, and risk getting capsized just to set up an accessory?

Final Thoughts

Fishing accessories don’t sound essential at first thought. Yet, they are what makes a fishing trip complete. When you’re on a kayak, the need for accessories increases, so let’s go through the best kayak fishing accessories one more time.

The best accessories to store your food on a kayak are the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag and Grizzly 20-Quart Cooler.

If you’re looking for protection and comfort, check out the Stohlquist Fisherman PFD.

The Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder is for securing your rod with durable construction while you go hands-free.