Best Flipping and Pitching Rod in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Bass anglers use a lot of fishing techniques. Yet, flipping and pitching are of the best techniques for bass fishing in shallow water.

Both techniques allow you to present a bait accurately and efficiently in close quarters. They let you place the bait close to the water’s surface and thus conveniently place lures. If perfected, these techniques become the best for bass fishing in shallow and heavy cover.

The first thing you should do to better your chances of catching bass with a flipping and pitching rod is to buy an excellent specialized one.

For this reason, we have decided to write you a comprehensive review of the five best flipping and pitching rods on the market. You’ll also find a comprehensive, yet concise buying guide along with the frequently asked questions about this topic.

Comparison Table :


Length  Power  Action 

Line weight 

KastKing Perigee II

7 feet  Medium – Medium-heavy  Fast 

KastKing Royale Select

7 feet 6 in. Medium-heavy  Fast 

14-30 lbs.

Berkley Cherrywood HD

7 feet  Medium-heavy  Fast  8-17 lbs.

Okuma Scott Martin TCS

7 feet 11 in.  Heavy  Fast  15-65 lbs.

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend

7 feet  Medium and Medium Heavy Moderate  10-26 lbs.

The 5 Best Flipping and Pitching Rods in 2021

1. KastKing Perigee II – Best Overall 

KastKing Perigee II

KastKing Perigee II is the newest fishing rod concept of Kastking, as it comes with twin-tip rods, providing you with two rods for the price of one. Plus, KastKing gives anglers the freedom to choose between buying a spinning or a casting rod, as it offers excellent models of both. 

It comes in a one-piece construction, which means that it won’t split in half when you’re fighting massive fish, including the beloved bass you’ll basically go after with a flipping and pitching rod.

Since the most suitable power and action options for flipping and pitching fishing technique are available in the 7-feet long spinning rod, I recommend you opt for it. 

You’ll enjoy the fast action that ensures you catch as much bass as possible by allowing for a fast hookset. Plus, the medium and medium-heavy power options -thanks to the two tips- give the rod an ideal backbone with which it can win all fights against feisty fish. 

Besides, given that the rod is made of durable 24 ton-carbon fiber, you can rest assured that it will last for as long as you would hope. Its ability to resist corrosion means that you can safely use it in saltwater. 

What’s more, carbon fiber is the material to go for when you’re looking for sensitivity. In other words, this lightweight and flexible rod transfers the slightest fish bites.

Say goodbye to untangling your line thanks to the presence of the high-quality Fuji O-ring line guides as they ensure your line stays knot-free. 

KastKing Perigee II is one of the flipping and pitching rods that you can use for extended hours thanks to its ergonomically-designed graphite reel seats as well as its EVA grips.

These comfort-providing features make up for its two-pound weight that is a bit on the heavy side compared to other rods on the list.  

People complaining about the rod breaking and the tip snapping came as a surprise to us, given the excellent material of which it’s made. So, if you buy this one, make sure you handle it with care. 


  • Two tips allow for versatility 
  • Durable material  
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater
  • Graphite reel seats and EVA grips for ergonomic comfort
  • Sensitive  


  • Heavy 
  • Not as durable as it should be

Bottom Line 

KastKing Perigee II is one of the best flipping and pitching fishing rods because it comes in a suitable length, power and action options. You can rest assured that the sturdy rod will help you fight tough fish with its excellent carbon fiber material. 

2. KastKing Royale Select – Runner-Up 

KastKing Royale Select

KastKing Royale Select is yet another KastKing rod on our list. Both models allow you to choose between a casting or a spinning rod, depending on your preference. However, the main difference between KastKing Perigee II and this model is that the Piergee II’s best flipping and pitching rod is a spinning one while the Royale’s is a casting one.

Also, if you need a KastKing with a rod a bit longer than 7 feet, this one is 7 feet and 6 inch-long, which makes it the second-longest rod on this list after Okuma Scott Martin TCS. This way, you can rest assured that the fish won’t see your shadow and run away before you have the chance to catch them. 

What’s more, its medium-heavy power and fast and action options are ideal for a flipping and pitching rod. In other words, you’ll enjoy the strength of the medium-heavy power that allows the rod to fight and handle tough fish like bass. Plus, the fast action means that you will quickly hook the set, robbing the fish of any chance to escape. 

Another thing ensuring that it can easily handle tough fish fights is the line weight that ranges between 14 and 30 pounds. Also, the model we are discussing comes in a one-piece configuration which means that there is no way it splits in half during fishing. 

An additional proof KastKing Royale Select can handle all kinds of fights is the fact that it is made of the durable and sensitive 24-ton carbon fiber material. The rod is also flexible thanks to KastKing’s patented “KastFlex” rod blank technology. This means that the rod won’t break when handling heavy fish. 

KastKing Royale Select features 9+tip Fuji O-ring line guides, making it compatible with all kinds of fishing lines. 

As for comfort, this model features EVA grips as well as ergonomically-designed high-strength nylon reel seats. 

Sadly, this is the heaviest and priciest model on our list, weighing 2.4 pounds. Such heaviness may hold anglers back from enjoying a long and comfortable fishing trip. 


  • Durable and sensitive 
  • Compatible with all fishing lines 
  • Sturdy backbone


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy 
  • Not travel-friendly 

Bottom Line 

KastKing Royale Select is an excellent flipping and pitching rod for those looking for a KastKing long casting rod. Its length beside its adequate power and action options make it one of the best rods for catching bass. 

3. Berkley Cherrywood HD – Most Portable 

Berkley Cherrywood HD

Employing the flipping and pitching techniques means that you intend to deal with heavy fish. Consequently, you’ll appreciate the lightness of Berkley Cherrywood HD as it weighs 0.4 pounds only. This way, you’ll only have to deal with the heaviness of the fish. 

Since you’ll fight bass or other big fish, it would be better to use a model with higher power like the one I’m about to discuss.  

This model features a 7-feet long rod that is great for not spooking fish away. Plus, its medium-heavy power helps you win fights against big fish. What’s more, its fast action option is perfect for catching big fish because it allows for fast hooksets so that the fish won’t escape. 

What’s more, it features a line weight of 8 to 17 pounds, which means that you can easily catch tough fish without worrying about it getting broken. 

We have the graphite blank to thank for the lightness, of course. Plus, the material boosts sensitivity and durability. I’m also glad to inform you that the rod comes with a chromium guide system that is 20 times tougher and up to 55% lighter than conventional oxide guides.

Moreover, this spinning rod comes in a two-piece construction, making it travel-friendly. In case you appreciate having a one-piece design for any reason, you can go for the model that comes with a medium power-option. 

When you’re out on long fishing trips, you’ll appreciate its cork handle that boosts your comfort and ensures you have a firm grip. 


  • Features a comfortable cork handle 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Very sensitive so you won’t miss any bites 
  • Lightweight 
  • Travel-friendly 


  • Prone to break 

Bottom Line 

Berkley Cherrywood HD is one of the best flipping and pitching rods since it features the suitable length, power and action options for these techniques. Moreover, it’s an excellent travel-friendly rod, thanks to its lightness and two-piece construction.  

4. Okuma Scott Martin TCS – Longest Rod 

Okuma Scott Martin TCS

A short rod isn’t a deal-breaker, yet, if you don’t want to risk scaring fish away, you’re better off with a long one. Having said this, the best model to opt for is Okuma Scott Martin TCS-C-7111H. 

This model features the longest casting rod on our list with its 7 feet and 11 inch-long rod. Plus, its heavy power and fast action options are ideal for a flipping and pitching rod meant to catch bass or any big fish. 

The rod is made of 30-ton carbon with an ultra-sensitive blank construction, meaning that it transmits all vibrations and thus the slightest bites. It also features a 12+tip flipping guide located closer to the reel, which prevents the line from getting tangled. 

Besides, Okuma Scott Martin TCS features a comfortable handle made of EVA foam and cork. Its 0.28-pound weight also contributes to it being very comfortable to use for extended hours. 

What’s more, it holds the heaviest line weight ranging from 15 to 65 pounds. In other words, no matter how heavy the fish you catch, the line won’t break. This is yet another factor why this model is an excellent flipping and pitching rod. 

Bass fishing lovers also appreciate the hard aluminum oxide guide inserts as they allow them to use a braided line. Why exactly is braided line preferred? Simply because braid enjoys an incredible strength to hold any heavy fish, which is something all bass anglers look for. Plus, a braided line allows for more efficiency when flipping through even the thickest grass. 

Like KastKing Perigee II, this model comes in a one piece-construction, so you can rest assured that the rod won’t split in half when dealing with heavy fish. Yet, this also means that it’s not as travel-friendly as two-piece design models. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater 
  • Durable and sensitive 
  • Ideal for use with braided line
  • Heaviest line weight provides extra strength 


  • Not very travel-friendly 

Bottom Line 

Okuma Scott Martin TCS is an excellent model for those looking for a long rod so as not to scare the fish away. Also, its power and action options and heavy line weight are some of the best qualities a flipping and pitching rod could have. 

5. Entsport E Series Camo Legend – Best Value 

Entsport E Series Camo Legend

If you want to have the two tips that KastKing Perigee II offers but can’t because you’re on a tight budget, go for Entsport E Series Camo Legend. At a cheap price, this rod provides its users with two tips. In other words, it allows you to choose between employing the medium or medium-heavy power option. 

Moreover, having a rod with two tips facilitates adjusting your casting weight and provides versatility so that you can catch different fish species. Also, in case you break one of the tips, you’ll still have a spare. 

Entsport E Series Camo Legend features the least action option on our list with its moderate action option. Yet, such action remains good enough for catching bass, as it allows for a longer casting distance as well as provides anglers with an adequate hook setting power.

Like most of the rods mentioned here, this one features a 7 feet long-rod, which is a suitable length for bass fishing, given that it rarely scares fish away. 

Also, if you usually travel with your fishing rods, you’ll appreciate that our travel-friendly Entsport E Series Camo Legend comes in a two-piece design. Plus, you can use it for extended hours thanks to its lightness -0.45 pound- and EVA split grips. 

What’s more, it’s 24-ton carbon fiber construction, as well as the enhanced sensitivity mean that you’ll feel the slightest bites, fight tough fish and end up winning. 

Also, it features 6+1 corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides with carbon fiber inserts. They are perfectly spaced, preventing line friction and allowing for maximum casting performance and sensitivity. 

Given that its line weight ranges between 10 and 26 pounds, you’ll have no trouble catching bass or other heavy fish. 

It’s worth mentioning that some people have complained about the tip breaking, so make sure you handle it with care. 


  • Interchangeable rod tips allow for versatility 
  • Durable and sensitive 
  • Comfortable EVA grip 
  • Corrosion-resistant guides 
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Good value 


  • Only one length available
  • Rod tips can snap if not handled with care

Bottom Line

With its two interchangeable tips, medium and medium-heavy power options, heavy line weight and 7-feet long rod, Entsport E Series Camo Legend is one of the best flipping and pitching rods you could get at a reasonable price. 

What to Look For When Buying a Flipping and Pitching Rod

Flipping and pitching are two techniques usually used when you’re fishing for big or heavy fish. From this, it’s easy to see that you’ll need a durable and strong rod to help you execute both techniques. In this section, I’ll tell you exactly how you can choose a suitable rod for either technique. 


Since the flipping technique means that you’ll be fishing very close to the fish, you don’t want your shadow to spook them away. For this reason, you better buy a lengthy rod. Another good reason for purchasing a long rod is that it provides you with more pulling power and helps you fight big fish. Most excellent flipping and pitching rods fall between seven and eight feet long. 


Since you’re looking for a flipping and pitching rod, you’re most likely going to fish for bass. If this is the case, you should go with a fast-action rod, and here’s why. Having a rod with a fast action option means that the hookset starts faster, so you won’t miss a lot of fish. Plus, fast-action rods bend higher on the blank and so provide more power and flex. 


When you’re fighting tough fish, you will need a rod with reliable power to withstand their fight. Buying a rod with a medium-heavy or heavy power should be ideal. This will also allow you to set the hook quickly. 


If you think that the most important part of bass fishing is getting the hook set, you’re in for a shock. The biggest challenge you’ll face when bass fishing is fighting it after setting the hook. For this reason, you must be armed with a durable and comfortable rod. High-quality rods are made of graphite or carbon and feature an EVA or a cork handle. 

Line Weight 

The line weight indicates the strength. You should get a line weight that roughly matches the weight of the fish you want to catch. We understand that you’ll probably fish bass or similar heavy fish since you’re searching for a flipping and pitching rod.


Given that adult bass weigh around 6 pounds, the perfect line weight you should opt for should not be less than 6 pounds. Most of the rods we’ve mentioned hold a line weight ranging between 8 and 30, which is an excellent range for bass fishing, and thus perfect for flipping and pitching rods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Best Line to Use for a Flipping and Pitching Rod?

The choice of the line you use depends on the fish you’re targeting. A flipping and pitching rod should be compatible with all kinds of lines. In case you need a rod for bass fishing, a braided line is your best choice for its incomparable strength.

Is there a Difference Between Flipping and Pitching?

Yes, they are two separate techniques. Flipping is the technique where anglers use their non-dominant hand to pull an arm’s length of line off of the reel. Then, using the rod, they swing the bait into close areas. As for pitching, it’s a technique where you make short casts to certain targets.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve come to the end of our review, we hope that you’ve found the best flipping and pitching rod. In case you’re still confused, allow me to throw the spotlight on a couple of models


KastKing Perigee II and KastKing Royale Select are two of the best spinning and casting models on the list, respectively. This is because of their adequate specs as well as their heavy line weight. Their only drawbacks are that they are heavy and pricey.


If you’re low on money, you can get the two tips that KastKing Perigee II offers at a reasonable price if you pick Entsport E Series Camo Legend. Rest assured that it doesn’t compromise performance as it enjoys medium and medium-heavy power options as well as a moderate action option. Such an action option allows for a longer casting distance as well as provides anglers with an adequate hook setting power.


If you’re mainly looking for a travel-friendly fishing and pitching rod, Berkley Cherrywood HD won’t disappoint you. Coming at 0.4 pounds and with a two-piece configuration, you can easily fit it in your backpack and explore fishing anywhere you want. Plus, its medium-heavy power and fast action options make it one of the best rods for bass fishing.

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