Best Fishing Gloves in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Fishing gloves are the most precious equipment when it comes to hand protection while you’re on your waterborne adventure. I can hear you asking why.

With the right fishing gloves, you’ll be able to fish conveniently⁠. They will help you clear out the worries about bruises from the sun, fish hook injuries, or even having a firm grip on that slippery panfish!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fly fishing, kayak fishing, ice fishing, or doing recreational spin fishing. Fishing gloves will always guarantee protection from the elements in the environment if not from fish hook injuries.

We know that choosing a suitable fishing glove can cause confusion since it’s not discussed that often among anglers despite its perks. 

We’re here to alleviate the confusion⁠⁠; we’ve gathered the 10 best fishing gloves used and handpicked by professional anglers.

Comparison Table:


Design Material Certified Sun Protection

Lindy Fish Handling Gloves

Full Finger SuperFabric


Berkely Fishing Gloves

2-Cut Fingers Neoprene No

Magreel UV Protection Fishing Gloves

Fingerless Poly-spandex Yes

Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Gloves

Fingerless Lycra/Synthetic Leather Yes

Glacier Glove Abaco Bay Sun Gloves

Fingerless Lycra Yes

Glacier Glove Alaska River Series

Fingerless Neoprene/Fleece No

Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves

Full Finger Neoprene/Fleece No

Rapala Fillet Glove

Full Finger Tuff-Knit Yarn No

KastKing Sol Armis

Fingerless Poly-spandex Yes

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

3-Cut Fingers Softshell No

The 10 Best Fishing Gloves in 2021

1. Lindy Fish Handling Gloves – Best Overall

Lindy Fish Handling Gloves

The Lindy Fish Handling Gloves are designed to ensure your survival against needle-sharp fins and teeth.

Crafted with SuperFabric material, these gloves are 800% more puncture-resistant compared to other fishing gloves. SuperFabric contains a base fabric like neoprene, which means you won’t give up the firm grip on slippery fish as well.

This pair of gloves is like a line of defense against angry fish. You won’t worry about dealing with toothy fish like muskie or pike while maintaining your grip to clean them or take them out of a live well.

Adding more to the plus side, these gloves are both chemical-resistant (repelling gas and oil odors) and machine washable. So, expect them to do the job and save yourself the trouble of them getting dirty or worn out in the long run.

They’re also available in right-handed and left-handed orientation. For the sake of a snug grip, the Lindy Fish Handling Gloves feature a Velcro wrist strap to adjust the grip according to your liking.

On the downside, the price is only for one glove, not for the pair.


  • Puncture and cut-resistant (heavy-duty)
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro wrist strap secures a neat grip


  • Retail price is for one glove

Bottom Line

From unhooking and securing your catch to filleting, The Lindy Fish Handling Gloves give you the best guarantees for a hazard-free fishing trip without giving up on flexibility and fit.

2. Berkely Fishing Gloves – Best Budget

Berkely Fishing Gloves

Worried about catching slippery fish? The one-size-fits-all Berkely Fishing Gloves have got you covered! They are coated with textured pads, allowing anglers to have a long-lasting grasp on slippery fish while swapping bait or throwing fish back to the water.

The 2-cut finger design allows for both hand protection and maintaining a partial feel on the fishing rod. Moreover, The Berkely Fishing Gloves grant you protection from fishing hazards you may stumble upon like fish hook injuries, fish bites, and spines.

The Berkely Fishing Gloves offer you the best value for the price since they’re as inexpensive as the generic gloves you’ll find at a local store. Yet, they’re well-made and exclusive to fishing activities.

Also, the gloves are easily washable, so you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty in the process.

One downside of these gloves is the one-size-fits-all design, which may be a problem if your hands are too small or large.


  • Best value for the price
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Washable


  • The one-size-fits-all design may not suit small/large-handed people
  • The coating can reduce flexibility

Bottom Line

The Berkely Fishing Gloves are the budget beast for those who look for a quality-price combo. Despite their low price tag, they offer versatile uses for most fishing activities.

3. Magreel UV Protection Fishing Gloves – Best Sun Protection

Magreel UV Protection Fishing Gloves

The Magreel UV Protection Fishing Gloves come in a breathable, poly-spandex fabric that dries quickly, keeps your hands cool on a sunny day, and doesn’t hinder the rod’s sensitivity.

The 4-way stretch mechanism they provide makes wearing and taking them off a seamless process. Also, these gloves stand out as a good choice for kayak fishing. Thanks to the microfiber in the textured palm area, these gloves always ensure a better grip on paddles and fishing rods.

A huge plus point for this pair of gloves is the UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Generally, garments like these gloves with UPF 50+ rating block 97.5% of UV rays and offer unprecedented protection from sunburns, in addition to reducing the likelihood of developing skin lesions and bruises. The sun protection perk won’t be hindered even if the gloves get wet. 

The fingerless design makes these gloves suitable for fishing, but it also makes them intended for other outdoor activities like hiking, running, and sailing. Besides, these gloves are machine washable, and they can be hand washed as well.

We wish these gloves would feature waterproof coating since they are mainly targeted at kayakers and anglers.


  • Excellent sun protection
  • 4-way stretch for a snug fit
  • Machine washable


  • Not waterproof

Bottom Line

The Magreel UV Protection Fishing Gloves are the multipurpose champion for outdoor sports on a hot, sunny day. From hiking to kayak fishing, they offer excellent protection from sunburns and bruises so you can enjoy a bluebird day outdoors.

4. Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Gloves – Best for Kayak Fishing

Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Gloves

The Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Gloves are made from 85% lycra and 15% synthetic leather in the palm area, guaranteeing your hands breathability and comfort. The fingerless design they feature is here to offer protection up to the second knuckle of each finger. Plus, it still doesn’t hinder your sensitivity or grip on fishing rods or lines.

Like the Magreel UV Protection Gloves, the lightweight Islamorada Sun Gloves dry rather quickly. The 4-way stretch fabric paves the way for a tight and comfortable fit. Putting all of that into consideration, they’re a wise choice for kayak fishing. 

Additionally, they’re UPF 50+ certified. So, worry no more about sunburns with the Islamoradas! This pair of gloves is also touch screen friendly, which is good news for those concerned about using their smartphones while fishing.

Unluckily, Glacier Glove didn’t state whether these gloves are machine washable. However, they generally grow weaker as you wash them.


  • Excellent sun protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Fingerless design


  • Presumably not machine washable

Bottom Line

The Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Gloves are a valuable addition to almost any kayak fisherman’s tackle box. They protect your hands from harmful sun rays. They’re also quick-drying in case you’re met with accidental water splashes.

5. Glacier Glove Abaco Bay Sun Gloves – Best Breathability

Glacier Glove Abaco Bay Sun Gloves

Say goodbye to sunburned and itchy skin with Glacier Glove Abaco Bay Sun Gloves. These share plenty of features with the previously mentioned Islamorada Sun Gloves. With a UPF 50+ rating, this pair will keep your hands in a safe haven from the blazing sun.

Made from a blend of lycra and spandex, the 4-way stretch fabric of these gloves is meant for convenience. The fabric is quick-drying, highly breathable, and thanks to the tight fit it provides, you won’t even notice you’re wearing anything on your hands.

Same as in the Islamorada Sun Gloves, the fingerless design will make up for the dexterity lost when wearing full-finger gloves. They will keep you on track without giving up on the fishing rods’ sensitivity, making them a good purchase for fishers who remain exposed to sunlight for hours. 

Just like the Islamorada Sun Gloves, Glacier Glove didn’t state whether it’s safe to wash these gloves, so I wouldn’t throw them in a washing machine. 


  • Excellent sun protection
  • Quick-drying and 4-way stretch fabric
  • Fingerless design


  • Presumably not machine washable

Bottom Line

The Glacier Glove Abaco Bay Sun Gloves are yet another outstanding choice, especially for kayak fishers who look for increased breathability to seek refuge from the scorching sun and paddle in peace.

6. Glacier Glove Alaska River Series Gloves – Best for Fly Fishing

Glacier Glove Alaska River Series Gloves

This pair of gloves is the absolute go-to for cold-weather fly fishers. Like the Berkely Fishing Gloves, the sharkskin textured neoprene palm makes you capable of holding onto fish firmly or releasing them back to the water.

Furthermore, what makes these gloves stand out is the windproof fleece back. Fleece keeps you warm if you’re fly fishing in freezing temperatures without compromising your grip on the flies and the fly line, as the “Alaska River Series” part suggests.

Moreover, they come with a Velcro wrist strap for optional size adjustments, so that the gloves will wrap around your wrist for a perfect fit. Also, the fingerless design enhances dexterity as you make adjustments and tie knots, all while keeping your hands warm against the surging wind currents.

Though a masterpiece, the complexity of their design (the textured neoprene with waterproof fleece) means they won’t serve well as a heavy-duty pair of gloves.


  • Windproof fleece
  • Fingerless design
  • Available in 5 sizes S-XXL w/ Velcro wrist strap


  • Not a heavy-duty option

Bottom Line

For perks like windproof fleece, these gloves will always be an agreeable companion to fly fishers. The Alaska River Series Gloves are the savior of anglers who want to strike a balance among warmth, dexterity, and convenience while fishing, especially when it comes to fly fishing.

7. Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves – Best for Ice Fishing

Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves

Stormr crafted this pair particularly for avid ice fishers who look for their big game fish in cold climates. One look at the glove, and you’ll find the unfamiliar extended wrist for more warmth.

The gloves are made from microfleece-lined neoprene, which is windproof, waterproof (unless soaked in water), and flexible. The magic here is that the gloves are glued along blind-stitched and water-repellent seams, so that water would slide off before it has the chance to get inside.

The gloves also feature a unique honeycomb textured grip and a wear-resistant palm, conveying a very convenient feel when dealing with wayward hooks or erratic fish, like muskies or pike. 

Including a kevlar thumb and index in the black version is a generous plus from Stormr. The kevlar allows for more accuracy if you use braided fishing lines and bait-casting reels.

Although these gloves establish a rare balance between warmth and dexterity, anglers with large hands may find the seams inside a bit uncomfortable.


  • Fleece-lined and windproof
  • Wear-resistant palm
  • Rubberized honeycomb grip
  • Water-repellent
  • Kevlar thumb and index


  • Seams may be irritating from the inside

Bottom Line

The Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves, with their extended wrist and water-repelling palm, have what every ice fisher expects from a pair of gloves: warmth, dexterity, a firm grip, and water-resistance.

8. Rapala Fillet Glove – Best for Filleting

Rapala Fillet Glove

Every angler nowadays appreciates the enjoyment of bringing a nutritious meal to the table after a fruitful fishing journey. This is where the Rapala Fillet Glove comes into play.

Woven of a patented Tuff-Knit yarn, you’ll always be sure that your fingers are kept safe near the knife’s edge. The anti-cut Tuff-Knit yarn incorporates a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics alongside stainless steel, delivering reliable protection from the hazards you might face during scaling or slicing fish.

This glove is also machine washable after every filleting task, so it’s heavy-duty and should provide years of unceasing filleting. As the name implies, these gloves are sold solo, yet ambidextrous and offer a perfect fit for either hand.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that these gloves don’t provide protection against hooks or cold weather in action since they’re primarily designed to deliver a safe filleting experience after securing your catch.


  • Anti-cut material
  • Machine washable
  • Heavy-duty 


  • Low protection against puncturing hooks

Bottom Line

The Rapala Fillet Glove lets you carry out your filleting tasks with confidence after a yielding fishing session. Whether you’re a regular, fly, or kayak fisherman, this pair of gloves will find a worthy place in your tackle box.

9. KastKing Sol Armis – Best for Hot Conditions 

KastKing Sol Armis

KastKing saves the day for hot-weather fishers and canoers with the KastKing Sol Armis. This pair of gloves is constructed from a poly-spandex material, offering a huge deal of breathability, flexibility, and coolness. Rated at a whopping UPF 50+, they will save you the trouble of thinking about potential sunburn blisters so you can enjoy your trip.

The fingerless design of these gloves lets you tie knots, change hooks, and maintain sensitivity on the rods with ease while providing protection. KastKing reinforced these gloves with microfiber leather, which reduces the chances of abrasion in high-stress points like the palm area. 

I should mention here that these gloves are primarily meant for sun protection, rather than protection from sharp gills and fins.

Although a Velcro wrist strap would’ve been more practical, KastKing took the comfort factor one step further by integrating pull tabs on the cuff to pull the gloves on, and on the middle finger to help take them off. Combined with the 4-way stretch fabric, these gloves are destined to sit right in place.


  • Excellent sun protection
  • Breathable poly-spandex material
  • Microfiber leather palms
  • Pull tabs for a snug fit


  • Less protection against fishing hazards
  • Would’ve been better with a Velcro strap

Bottom Line

The KastKing Sol Armis Fishing Gloves are a good call for hot-weather fishers who want to make the most of their fishing trips without sacrificing flexibility at the expense of sun protection.

10. Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves – Best for Cold Conditions

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

Palmyth sends you its “warmest” wishes with its Flexible Fishing Gloves! Sooner or later, this pair will attract the attention of fly, ice, regular fishers, and even other outdoor athletes in cold environments—let me explain.

These gloves are made from a water repelling and windproof softshell construction, ensuring a sustainable feeling of warmth and comfort. Garments made from softshell are excellent in breathability and providing warmth. On top of that, the black-colored palm area is also reinforced with synthetic leather to improve your grip on the fishing equipment.

Another thing that sparked my attention is the finger caps for the thumb, index, and middle fingers. These caps are removable, and they attach to the back with metal buttons. This 3-cut finger slit design allows anglers to immediately retain the dexterity necessary for tying knots or choosing bait, for instance. Then you can flip these fingers back when not in use. 

Palmyth didn’t suffice with these finger caps and the softshell construction. With these gloves, you get a Velcro wrist strap with tight neoprene cuffs for the snuggest fit. Did I also mention that the gloves are machine washable too? Because they are!

What we didn’t like about these gloves is they’re only available in one color, which may be a bummer for the voguish fellows out there. They’re not a good fit for handling slippery fish as well since they’re only meant for warmth and maintaining dexterity.


  • 3-cut fingers design
  • Softshell fabric provides warmth
  • Machine washable


  • Available in one color
  • Not suitable for handling slippery fish

Bottom Line

The Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves are a loyal friend to fishing enthusiasts in cold climates. Designed to let you retain dexterity and control on demand, they are here to make sure your trip goes on seamlessly as planned.

What Makes Fishing Gloves Stand Out

Despite the versatility in the list above, choosing the best fishing glove for you can still be demanding. So, let me walk you through a number of factors that you should put in mind before opting for your final purchase.


Style plays an essential role in your buying decision, as it depends on the type of fishing you regularly do. 

For cold weather conditions, full finger gloves guarantee the best protection with the warmth and insulation they provide. Yet, they can interfere with dexterity if you’re continually tying knots or dealing with equipment in your tackle box.

For mild to hot weather, anglers usually go for fingerless gloves that expose their fingertips, giving them the sensitivity they need when tying intricate knots or changing lures.

On the other hand, slit finger gloves make the sweet spot between full finger and fingerless gloves. They are designed to retain dexterity at any time by exposing fingers (usually the thumb and index fingers). Afterward, you can flip these fingers back in their caps for warmth when not in need.


The material of your next fishing glove also depends on the weather conditions you’ll be fishing in. Let’s take a glimpse of the most popular ones:

  • Neoprene: Neoprene is a widespread material in the fishing gloves industry. Neoprene gloves provide excellent insulation and temperature control even if they’re wet. Also, it features a slight stretch to enhance flexibility.
  • Fleece: Fleece is another excellent material for windproof fishing gloves. Fleece fishing gloves do the expected job in freezing temperatures. On the downside, they soak up water. Fortunately, fleece-lined neoprene solves this issue.
  • Poly-spandex: It’s a variant of polyester that delivers the stretch you’ll need to deal with fishing equipment. Additionally, poly-spandex fishing gloves are usually reinforced with waterproof materials like latex.
  • Leather: Leather is undoubtedly a heavy-duty material. It’s difficult to cut through and provides minimal protection from the sun. However, it’s not as flexible as neoprene or fleece.
  • Wool: Wool has spent many years in service as a material for fishing gloves, but it’s been proven unsuitable for the job since it soaks up water and never repels it. It’s also not impervious to wind. I’d say wool gloves might be the right call for relatively warm weather.


Protection is the core point of having to buy fishing gloves. For instance, catfish, muskies, and pike have knifelike teeth and sharp protrusions. Thus, unhooking these species should be handled with care.

Handling angry fish won’t be the only precaution you should take if you’re fishing in the chilly wind. Wearing a pair of windproof gloves will give your hands the warmth they crave amid cold winter currents. On the other hand, waterproof fishing gloves provide considerable insulation when you release fish back to the water.

Some gloves made of an anti-cut fabric are exclusively designed to prevent accidental cuts while filleting. Furthermore, some manufacturers decided to go the extra mile with their UPF 50+ certified fishing gloves, offering peerless sun protection.

Always be informed that even the lightest and stretchiest of gloves will be able to provide reasonable protection for high-stress exposed parts like the palm, which is often prone to abrasions. However, pick your gloves that suit your protection needs. You don’t want to buy UV protection gloves if you’re fishing in cold weather, for instance.

Size and Fit

Size is another issue frequently addressed by many customers. You need to make sure that the gloves sit right in place. Otherwise, they’ll bring trouble more than benefit.

If your gloves are too big for your hands, you won’t be able to maintain the accuracy needed to handle fishing tasks like tying intricate knots, cutting lines, or rigging leaders.

If the fit is overly tight, the gloves will hinder your flexibility. Additionally, the material is most likely going to rub against your hand, making your hands feel itchy. Both situations render the point of wearing gloves useless.

My advice is to take a peek size chart that every seller includes along with their products to determine the size that fits your hands before opting for your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Among all hazards you might face in your trip, fishing gloves have proven to be a number-one priority. Now that you realize that choosing the best fishing glove for you isn’t that hard, the time has come to confirm your purchase.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Berkely Fishing Gloves for fellow anglers who are on a tight budget. This pair has a rare balance between value and quality. 

Other than that, the Lindy Fish Handling Gloves will make every aspect of your fishing trip prominent. This pair has what every angler dreams of: a sure grip, maximum protection, and durability.