Best Bass Fishing Rods in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Bass fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing because bass is aggressive and challenging, which makes it more fun to catch than others, despite being everywhere.

Since bass is unique and defiant, you can’t go after it without the right equipment. You don’t want to finally find the trophy bass, only for your rod to fail you.

There are so many criteria to judge a fishing rod, which can be confusing. So, we’ve looked into it and made an informed list of the best bass fishing rods.

List of the Best Bass Fishing Rods:

  • Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 – Best Overall
  • KastKing Speed Demon Pro – Runner-Up
  • Entsport Camo Legend – Best Baitcasting Rod for Bass
  • Ugly Stik Elite – Best Spinning Rod for Bass
  • SHIMANO Solora – Best Two-Piece Rod for Bass Fishing
  • Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod – Best Cheap Rod for Bass

Top Picks:


Length Power Material
Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 6’6″, 6’10”, 7′, 7’3″, 7’6″, 7’9″, and 8′ Medium-heavy, medium, medium-light, heavy, extra-heavy, and extra extra heavy

40-ton carbon fiber

KastKing Speed Demon Pro

6’8″, 6’10”, 7′, 7’2”, 7’3″, 7’5”, 7’6″, 7’10”, 7’11”, and 8′ Heavy, medium, medium-heavy, medium-light, extra-heavy Carbon

Entsport Camo Legend

7′ Medium and medium-heavy 24-ton Carbon fiber

Ugly Stik Elite

4’6″, 5′, 5’6”, 6’6″, 7′, and 7’6″ Ultralight, light, medium, medium-heavy, medium-light, 

Graphite and fiberglass composite


5’6”, 6’, 6’6″, and 7′ Medium

Aero glass fiberglass

Ugly Stik GX2

5’6″, 6′, 6’6″, 7′, and 7’6″ Medium, medium-heavy, heavy, medium-light Graphite and fiberglass composite

1. Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 – Best OverallThe 6 Best Bass Fishing Rods in 2021

Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0

The Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 is the most popular choice for bass fishing among baitcasting and spinning rods. Why? It offers unmatched options to the point that you’ll probably use it to catch everything, not just bass. The 3-year warranty gives us extra confidence.

Let’s talk about the blank material. Thanks to its special 3M Powerlux construction, the 40-ton-carbon-fiber blank is a 30% stronger rod than competitors, while remaining lightweight and well-balanced. 

Also, it has high-quality custom Fuji soft-touch reel seats for maximum ease, comfort, and sensitivity. In addition, our top pick has premium Titanium alloy guides with ultra-light zirconium inserts. Moreover, it has cork and EVA split grips to give you control and balance.


The various length options will satisfy every bass fisherman, as it comes in 6’6″, 6’10”, 7′, 7’3″, 7’6″, 7’9″, and 8′. Of course, the most popular size is the 7-feet one, but you can go as high as 8 feet if you’re after the really big ones and you need to do some serious long casting.

Our rod’s powers seem to be very bass-focused. It comes in medium, medium-light, medium-heavy, heavy, extra-heavy, and extra extra heavy. So, if you’re a professional who’s out to get some 30-pound bass, this rod is up for it.

Also, the actions are right up our alley, as they are on the faster side. The Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 comes in moderate-fast, fast, and extra-fast. Faster rods can stand a fight against tougher fish, and that corresponds to the rod’s powers and lengths pretty well.

Sadly, this rod only comes in a one-piece option.


  • Different power, size and action options
  • Cork and EVA split grips
  • 3M Powerlux for a 30% stronger rod
  • Titanium alloy guides with ultra-light zirconium inserts
  • 3-year warranty


  • Only in 1-piece option

Bottom Line

The Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 is the best bass fishing rod on the market because of how focused it is on bass fishing in terms of powers, actions, and sizes.

2. KastKing Speed Demon Pro – Runner-Up

Kastking Speed Demon Pro

The KastKing Speed Demon Pro is a bad boy for the pros. From the professional and aesthetically-pleasing look to the versatility size, this rod has it all, and we’ll prove it to you.

Our product uses the Elite Carbon Blanks and Nano Resin Technology. So, what does that do? Well, it makes the rod lightweight, yet increases its breaking strength by 30% compared to standard graphite rods.

In addition, the rod has Fuji guides with Alconite rings to prevent any line fraying or being slowed down, while the Fuji reel seat secures the reel in its place. Furthermore, it has custom WINN golf-style grips for comfort and security against the toughest fights.

The KastKing Speed Demon Pro provides a stunning selection of sizes from all your small-to-large bass needs. It comes in 6’8″, 6’10”, 7′, 7’2”, 7’3″, 7’5”, 7’6″, 7’10”, 7’11”, and 8′.

Sizes aren’t the only thing our rod excels at. Its bass-appropriate powers are medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy. This rod has options that can handle up to 50-pound fish, so go crazy.

What about actions? It will please you to know that it comes in moderate, moderate-fast, and fast. Now you can have the needed sensitivity and hook setting powers to go after bass.

Unfortunately, it only comes in a one-piece construction, just like the Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0.


  • Attractive look
  • Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology
  • Different power, action and size options
  • Fuji guides and reel seat
  • Custom WINN golf-style grips


  • Only in 1-piece option

Bottom Line

Thanks to its attractive looks, premium construction, and excellent versatility, the KastKing Speed Demon Pro is the best bass fishing rod for professionals.

3. Entsport Camo Legend – Best Baitcasting Rod for Bass

Entsport Camo Legend

The Entsport Camo Legend is the most popular baitcasting rod for bass fishing. Not only does it give you excellent performance, but it also gives you the best value for money.

Thanks to its solid 24-ton carbon fiber construction, our favorite baitcasting rod is lightweight, highly sensitive, and actually strong. In addition, the extreme-exposure reel seat with a soft-touch finish, to allow for full contact with you, is enhanced with corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods.

Furthermore, our rod has “K-R” and “FINESSE” 6+1 corrosion-resistant guides. What else is so special about them? They are perfectly spaced to prevent any friction that may affect line flow, which, in turn, improves casting performance and sensitivity.

If you’re looking for comfort, security, durability, and sensitivity, you’ll be pleased to know that this rod has high-density EVA split grips. So, feel free to fish all day without feeling fatigued as is the case with low-quality handles. The hook keeper is also stainless steel.

The rod’s premium construction gives it an attractive look and a sleek design. It also looks and feels very professional, not that it is the hardest to use.

Our rod comes in the popular size that never fails no matter how you use it, which is 7 feet. It is neither too long nor too short. You can use it to catch bass, trouts, walleyes, or the majority of fish that a man can catch.

The most unique aspect of this rod is how cost-efficient it is when it comes to powers. Other brands have different options and you choose one depending on your needs, right? This rod comes with 2 tips: medium and medium-heavy. It’s like getting 2 rods in 1.

Finally, it comes in a two-piece construction.

So, what do we not like about it? It’s not for the heaviest catch, as you can see by its power options.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Extreme-exposure reel seat
  • “K-R” and “FINESSE” Guide Series
  • High-density EVA handles
  • 2 tips for different powers
  • Stainless steel hook keeper
  • Sleek design


  • No heavy power

Bottom Line

Thanks to its attractive design, durable materials, and innovative two tips, the Entsport Camo Legend is the best bass fishing rod in baitcasting rods.

4. Ugly Stik Elite – Best Spinning Rod for Bass

Ugly Stik Elite

The Ugly Stik Elite is our favorite spinning rod for bass, thanks to its quality performance, elegant design, and confidence-inducing 7-year warranty.

Since the construction is everything to a rod’s performance, we’ll start with it. Our rod is made with Ugly Tech Construction that mixes fiberglass with 35% more graphite than other Ugly Stik models to make it somehow lightweight, yet tough and durable.

In addition, the Ugly Stik Elite has Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides that are as durable as needed, and they prevent any possible insert poputs. Furthermore, our rod comes with a solid fiberglass Ugly Stik Clear Tip for extra sensitivity and toughness.

You also need to know about the exposed blank style reel seats that are made with cushioned stainless steel hoods to maximize its security and your contact with the reel itself. What about the handles? They are made of premium cork handles for the highest comfort and control.

As with every excellent rod, the Ugly Stik Elite comes in different size options: 4’6″, 5′, 5’6”, 6’6″, 7′, and 7’6″. Also, it offers different power options for your different bass fishing demands: ultralight, light, medium, medium-light, and medium-heavy.

One thing we really love about this rod is how it comes in one-piece and two-piece options. So, if your priority is sensitivity and strength, go for the one-piece. However, if you want something you can easily carry around and store, get the two-piece.

Of course, our rod has its cons, too. The reel seat isn’t the biggest on the market. So, before you get too ambitious with the reel size, make sure it will fit.


  • Comes in one-piece and two-piece options
  • Different size and power options
  • 7-year warranty
  • Ugly Tech Construction
  • Ugly Tuff guides
  • Ugly Stik Clear Tip


  • The reel seat isn’t the biggest

Bottom Line

We’ve looked into many spinning rods for this article, so believe us when we tell you that it’s the best bass fishing rod in spinning rods. It gives you elegance, comfort, and practicality.

5. SHIMANO Solora – Best Two-Piece Rod for Bass Fishing


SHIMANO is one of the oldest manufacturers of fishing tackle, and when you try their stuff, you understand why they lasted so long. If you need a solid two-piece rod to catch bass that ranges from 6 to 14 pounds, we definitely recommend the SHIMANO Solora

What distinguishes SHIMANO Solora from the rest of two-piece rods is its construction. It has a unique durable aero glass fiberglass blank construction to enhance its sensitivity beyond what you expect from a two-piece.

In addition, it has a solid-locking graphite reel seat to secure it enough to handle all kinds of tough fish. Moreover, the aluminum oxide guides don’t disappoint. They even add durability and security. Besides, it comes in different size options, including 5’6”, 6’, 6’6″, and 7’. 


What about the handles? Well, the SHIMANO Solora has non-slippery cork fore and rear grip handles. They feel solid and comfortable no matter how long you use them. You’ll also notice better hooksets, thanks to the handles.

The SHIMANO Solora’s power rating is medium, which will help you target average-sized bass without the rod being too heavy. Also, the rod has fast action, so it only bends at the top and returns to its original state quickly, which increases the rod’s sensitivity.

Finally, it comes in a two-piece, so rest assured that it will be fuss-free to carry around, travel with, or store in small spaces.

So, what’s the downside? It needed more versatility in options like a one-piece construction, or more powers and actions.


  • Affordable
  • Aero glass blank construction
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • Different size options
  • Solid-locking graphite reel seat
  • Cork fore and rear grip handles


  • Need more options in powers and actions

Bottom Line

Two-piece rods can be underwhelming sometimes, and that’s why it took us a while to find one worthy of being on our list. We can safely say that the SHIMANO Solora is the best bass fishing rod in two-piece options.

6. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod – Best Cheap Rod for Bass

Ugly Stik GX2 Rod

The Ugly Stik GX2 is far from ugly. It looks nice and modern. Also, it feels comfortable and secure. In addition, it has options for you to catch bass weighing as little as 6 pounds and up to 50 pounds. We must also mention that it is backed by a 7-year warranty.

The best thing about it is how it offers all of this at the lowest price point.

Thanks to the Ugly Tech construction, it is built from both graphite and fiberglass, enjoying the benefits of both. It is lightweight and sensitive while being strong and tough. It is neither too stiff nor too flexible, just right.

Moreover, the Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides reduce the rod’s weight and increase its durability. We must mention the Ugly Stik Clear Tip, which is great for sensitivity and strength. The Ugly Stik GX2 has lightweight and comfortable EVA handles.

Our rod caters to small, medium and large bass fishing needs by coming in 5’6″, 6′, 6’6″, 7′, and 7’6″. If you need the most accurate performance, pick a short size. However, if your target is long casts, get a long size.

Its bass-centric power options are medium, medium-light,  medium-heavy, and heavy. Feel free to choose, depending on how big your target fish will be.

Finally, our budget pick comes in one-piece and two-piece options. The first choice is for superior strength, sensitivity, and overall performance. You can choose the second one if you prefer to travel with a rod with ease.

The catch is that the two-piece option isn’t sturdy enough to handle bass fishing.


  • Affordable
  • Graphite and fiberglass construction
  • Ugly Tuff guides
  • Ugly Stik Clear Tip
  • 7-year warranty
  • Comes in one-piece and two-piece options


  • Two-piece version isn’t good

Bottom Line

The Ugly Stik GX2 is the best bass fishing rod at a budget, thanks to its practicality, comfort, strength, and design

What to Look for When Buying a Rod for Bass Fishing

1. Power

One of the first things you need to look at when getting a new rod for whatever kind of fishing is the power and action.

Rod power, or weight, is its strength against weight or pressure. They range from ultralight to ultra-heavy, with ultra-heavy being the strongest. The higher you go in power, the heavier the rod will be for you.

Also, heavier rods are perfect for going after larger fish, such as striped bass or giant sea bass.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself by getting heavier rods if you’ll only catch yellow bass or fish around the same size. Lighter rods are less powerful, but they work pretty well for smaller lines and lures.

For bass fishing, look out for medium or medium-heavy rods.

2. Action

Another aspect you need to keep an eye on is rod action. It refers to how much and where exactly a rod flexes or bends when under pressure. Rod actions are mainly categorized into slow, moderate, fast, and extra-fast.

Slow rods are pretty flexible and bend at the lower third, moderate rods bend at the top half, and fast rods bend only at the top third.

For bass fishing, look out for fast to extra-fast for better sensitivity and faster hook setting.

3. Material

Fishing rods are either made of graphite, fiberglass, or a mixture of both (composite). Each type has its pros and cons, of course.

Graphite rods are lightweight, which is perfect for long-day fishing because they don’t wreak havoc on your arms. They are also more sensitive and responsive, so you’ll feel the tiniest movements and bites. However, they are on the expensive side.

Fiberglass rods are heavier, stronger, and more durable. They have more flexibility and bend more so that they don’t snap when attacked. So, they’re good against larger fish. In addition, they’re more affordable than graphite. Nonetheless, they don’t have much sensitivity.

Composite rods combine the lightweightness and sensitivity of graphite with the durability and flexibility of fiberglass. At least they lie in between these qualities. Even in prices; they are more affordable than graphite but more expensive than fiberglass.

4. Handles

The materials of the handles can make all the difference in your fishing experience. They are usually made of cork, EVA foam, or a combination of both.

Cork handles are pretty popular because they’re sweat-resistant and lightweight, while EVA foam handles are durable and firm. Some anglers prefer the feel of cork, while others prefer the feel of EVA foam, so it can be a matter of personal preference.

5. Length

Rod sizes, or lengths, range from four to nine feet. Short rods lie between four and six feet, medium rods are up to seven feet, and large rods are up to nine feet.

The longer the rod, the longer you can cast. Yet, the shorter the rod, the more accurate you can cast. If you’ll fish in wide-open areas where there are no obstacles, get a long rod. Areas with lots of structures need a shorter one, on the other hand.

However, if you still can’t decide, get the 7-feet length because it is the best all-around size for all kinds of fishing.

6. Baitcasting vs. Spinning

One of the main differences between both baitcasting and spinning rods is the positioning of the guides and reel.

Baitcasting rods have their guides and reel on top, with the highest guide being the smallest and the guides facing upwards. This design reduces friction and increases accuracy. 

In addition, baitcasting rods are seen as the classic tackle for professionals because they can handle heavier lines and lures, so you can use them against striped bass easily. Also, they are best for longer casts than spinning rods in the same size, as their names suggest.

Au contraire, spinning rods have their guides and reel at the bottom. The guides are big and facing downwards. So, they’re best for handling small lines and lures and catching small fish because large fish can pull its eyelets away. Also, they’re more beginner-friendly.

7. One-piece vs. Two-piece

One-piece rods are the classic choice. They’re strong and sturdy. Also, they provide you with the best sensitivity because the whole blank is intact. However, they tend to be too long to carry around or store efficiently.

On the other hand, two-piece or multi-piece rods are made to be taken apart, which makes them perfect for traveling long distances or storing them in relatively small areas. However, they tend not to be as strong or sensitive as one-piece rods.

Some rods take it a step further in portability by being telescopic or collapsible.

Final Thoughts

Bass fishing can be the most fun you can ever have, but you’ll only enjoy it with the right equipment. We’ve discussed the 6 best bass fishing rods on the market in 2020, and here’s a mini recap to help you even further.

Our top pick is Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 because it offers more variety in options than any other rod, and its performance is excellent.

Next in line, we have the KastKing Speed Demon Pro and Entsport Camo Legend, which are professional-tier fishing rods that can be used in casual fishing and tournaments.

The SHIMANO Solora and Ugly Stik GX2 are our budget picks when you need to catch bass, but you don’t want to break the bank.

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