About In Fisherman

About In Fisherman

On this website, I regularly upload articles that have to do with fishing.

You'll find informative articles that discuss the cleverest fishing techniques.

There are also longer articles in which I recommend the best equipment and reels to use on fishing trips.

Finally, some articles include general information regarding types of fish and how to catch them using different baits, lures, and tricks.

I make sure that I leave nothing unexplored, so whatever it is you need to learn about, you’ll probably find it somewhere here or in the very near future in one of my articles.

About The Author “Robert Flores”

My name is Robert Flores and I’ve been into fishing for 2 decades from the 3 during which I’ve lived.

When I think of my favorite childhood memories, they’re always related to the weekends in which my father would take me fishing.

From my childhood and into adulthood, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge, tips, and tricks that can be very useful when it comes to fishing.

And that’s what made me decide to put them all together in one place for any fishing enthusiast -like me- to benefit from.